Štiavnica in love has its souvenir note and new souvenir coin

The coin with the motif of Štiavnica is the first coin in Slovakia combining 24-carat gold with hand-coloured painting.

The town of Banská Štiavnica in cooperation with local attraction Bank of Love prepared the first official zero-euro souvenir note and unique coin with the motif of Štiavnica in Love.

There is the well-known feature of Banská Štiavnica depicted on the note – the calvary, connected with a quote of Andrej Sládkovič, a Slovak poet.

The artist is academic painter Karol Felix, student of Professor Albín Brunovský, internationally awarded in the area of stamp-making, ex libris and graphics.

Unique coin

The coin with the motif of Štiavnica in Love is unique because it is the first coin in Slovakia combining 24-carat gold with hand-coloured painting.

“The colourful flowers on the coin are painted according to authentic Marína paintings that were preserved and kept in the archive of Slovak Museum of Mining in Banská Štiavnica.

One of the best-known Slovak illustrators, Miroslav Regitko, created flowers with a double portrait of Marína and Sládkovič.

Money invested in the development

It is possible to obtain the notes and coins only personally in the Bank of Love in Marína’s house at Radničné Square in Banská Štiavnica.

The note was released in limited costs of 20,000 pieces. The coin is accessible in gilt and silver-plated version.

“All inhabitants and visitors of Banská Štiavnica will benefit from the sale of notes and coins, as from this money there is the plan to finance activities developing the Štiavnica in Love project,” said Katarína Javorská, spokesperson of the bank.

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