Horehronie gem saved at the last possible moment

The hut is a popular spot for photographers and thanks to financing collected by 570 contributors, it will be preserved.

(Source: Ján Krošlák)

Three years ago, it was possible that the Horehronie region would lose its iconic wooden hut. The dilapidated Chamkova hut in the meadow between Telgárt and Červená Skala, with the popular Kráľova hoľa in the background, was marked by the ravages of time.

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This is a popular place for photographers and painters but it was obvious that it would not bear the upcoming snow. Thanks to a financial injection, in which 570 volunteers participated, it will continue to catch the attention of passers-by and recall times past, regional daily My Novohrad reported.

The Regional Organisation of Tourism Banská Bystrica in cooperation with Region Horehronie (OOCR) tourism organised an online collection which totalled €8,060, informed Zuzana Jóbová, specialist of destination marketing of the Development Agency of Banská Bystrica self-governing region (RA BBSK).

They have agreed with owners

Jarmila Oceľová from OOCR Region Horehronie said that it was possible that the building would fall down, taking into consideration its age of more than hundred years with damages, statics and holes in the roof. It seemed that it would not survive next summer.

“That’s why the project to gain money to save it via crowdfunding was born,” Oceľová said, as quoted by My Novohrad. She added that they wanted to start the campaign even earlier but it was necessary to reach an agreement with the five owners of the hut, which in the end was successful.

Oceľová also appreciated the support of Šumiac village and the Čierne Diery association.

Volunteers believe that by the time the winter starts, it will be covered with new shingles. They also renewed wooden beams.

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Further reconstruction of the hut should come in the spring, if the owners agree.

The money will also be used for the elaboration of the project documentation for another unique structure that stands near Kráľova Hoľa.

“We plan to create a community sauna near to the place where the oldest sauna in Czechoslovakia stands,” Oceľová said, as quoted by My Novohrad. “The original building will undergo reconstruction next year.”

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