A new observation tower being constructed above Levoča promises a view of half of Slovakia

The tower will reach 35 meters in height.

The lookout tower above LevočaThe lookout tower above Levoča (Source: Ernest Rusnák)

The construction of a lookout tower is underway this year at Javorina Peak above the city of Levoča. The project estimates the tower will reach a height of 35.73 meters, with the sixth and simultaneously last level reaching 27.8 meters as written in the Spiš Korzár daily newspaper.

The investor for the 165,000 euro project is the Tourism Association in Levoča.

It is a challenging project, especially because the location is difficult to reach according to Ernest Rusnák, the statutory for the Tourism Association. He added that "once the tower is finished, it will be one of the most beautiful lookout towers in Slovakia".

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The tower will belong to the city

The construction site is located in Javorina - Marčulina, which is city-owned property. The Association was given permission to use the property for 20 years at a symbolic price.

After twenty years, the project will land in the hands of Levoča.

The project is divided up into stages. The work began at the end of October last year.

"We were able to finish the steel-concrete base before Christmas," said Rusnák. He added that it was difficult since they were building 1225 meters above sea level.

The base is made out of steel and concrete, but the rest of the tower should be made out of an iron winding staircase and wood. Betón Pumpy Spiš, s. r. o. is the company providing the materials.

They will build two more floors this year

The first stage of the project received a 53,000-euro grant as part of the partnership with Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia 2014-2020.

Further sources of financial support are being finalised and approved according to Rusnák. He also wants to put forward a request for the collection of a public donation, so that work on the construction site can continue.

Each of the two floors to be built should be five meters tall. "We will reach a viewing height of 12.8 meters," said Rusnák. ​

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​Seeing half of Slovakia

The finished tower standing on Javorina Peak should offer a view of half of Slovakia.

The view to the west is of the Veľká Fatra. "With a good pair of binoculars you are able to see the cabins on the chair lift at Chopok," said Rusnák. To the south, you can see the Volovské Mountains range and the Low Tatras mountain range. To the north, it's the mountains in Poland and to the east, you will be able to see the Poloniny in Ukraine behind the Carpathians. Rusnák explained that this project was inspired by other lookout towers in Europe. He has visited around three hundred of them.

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