First eco-truck will arrive in Slovakia

Vehicle using biodiesel should reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The eco-truck using pure biodiesel will soon be put on Slovak roads.The eco-truck using pure biodiesel will soon be put on Slovak roads. (Source: SITA)

The first eco-truck suitable for pure bio-diesel will soon be on Slovak roads.

Investment Advisory Guide - Your key to understanding the Slovak business environment Investment Advisory Guide - Your key to understanding the Slovak business environment (Source: )

The project, launched by the Yellow Express carrier, aims to prove that this kind of freight transport is efficient and suitable for Slovak roads. The eco-trucks are expected to help reduce the total emission of greenhouse gases generated by transport, the SITA newswire reported.

Various alternatives attempted

The Yellow Express company has been finding ways to make its fleet greener for some time. The company bought the special truck suitable for B100 biodiesel from a Swedish producer. Sweden has been using low-emission vehicles not only in freight transport, but also public transport in Stockholm.

“We’ve tried various alternatives, for example LNG, but we had to stop it due to the not very developed infrastructure at petrol stations,” said Pavol Piešťanský, CEO of Yellow Express, about previous attempts to use low-emission vehicles, as quoted by SITA.

They find the B100 biodiesel the most suitable way to meet the commitments of Slovakia in the field of renewable energy sources in transport, he added.

Moreover, since bio-diesel is produced in Slovakia, Piešťanský expects that this kind of transport may immediately be out on roads.

No pure bio-fuel pump yet

Biodiesel is currently mixed with diesel at petrol stations in Slovakia, while it is not possible to tank up with pure biodiesel as of yet.

This may change if the use of eco-drive proves efficient and the state creates economically-advantageous conditions, admitted Radoslav Jonáš for SITA. Jonáš is an expert of bio-fuel factories in Leopoldov belonging to the Envien Group, along with other carriers.

Adding a gas pump with B100 biodiesel to existing petrol stations may be much easier than the construction of completely new, specialised petrol stations.

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