Weekend: Start the new year with a hike

Kick off 2023 with a hike or a classical music concert.

1) Skalisko (1,293 m) - Volovec (1,284 m)

A route to the peaks runs through the woods. A hut called Volovec is open during the weekends in winter. The two peaks can also be reached from the town of Betliar, which is known for a manor house, but hikers must follow a yellow-marked trail.

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Starting point: Čučma, Rožňava

Route: green-marked trail

Walk: 8 km (one-way)

Time: 3 h

Views: High Tatras, Levočské Vrchy hills, Spiš Castle, Kráľova Hoľa

Interesting fact: During World War II, Skalisko was the highest peak in Hungary. They called it Baračka, derived from barátkö in Hungarian, which means a friend.

2) Veľká Knola (1,266 m)

A route leads along forest trails. In the vicinity of Novoveská Huta and the Gretľa locality, hikers walk along the main road for a short time. Orientation is easy thanks to marked trails, but their colour often changes.

Starting point: Novoveská Huta, Spišská Nová Ves

Route: Novoveská Huta – Rybníky – Čertova Hlava (saddle) – Pod Muráňom – Veľká Knola – Malá Knola – Grajnár (saddle) – Gretľa – Novoveská Huta

Walk: 24 km

Time: 7 h

Views: Tatras, Kráľova Hoľa

Interesting fact: Veľká Knola is part of the Knola Protected Area, in which the fourth level of protection applies.

3) Veľký Choč (1,611 m)

One of the most popular and beautiful peaks in Slovakia.

Starting point: Valaská Dubová, Ružomberok

Route: blue-marked trail to Poľana, followed by a green-marked trail

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Walk: 5 km (one-way)

Time: 2.5 h

Views: Chočské Vrchy, Malá Fatra, Oravská Magura, Low Tatras, Western Tatras, Oravské Beskydy

Interesting fact: The peak has the shape of an irregular pyramid. A hut was built in the Poľana area, but the Germans burnt it down in 1944.

4) Javorské (860 m)

A nice walk for families.

Starting point: Čadca

Route: red-marked trail to Javorské, then a yellow-marked trail to the town of Oščadnica

Walk: 10 km (one-way)

Time: 3 h

Views: Veľká Rača, Malá Fatra

Interesting fact: Hikers pass by a few rural settlements typical for the Kysuce region.

5) Vilmošove Vodopády (waterfalls)

A trip that starts near a pilgrimage site outside Bratislava.

Starting point: Marianka

Route: Lesná Street – Drmolez (spring) – Vilmošove Vodopády – Stánisko (meadow) – Velatické Hradisko (former walled settlement) – Krížová Cesta

Walk: 5 km (circuit). See the map.

Time: 2 h

Interesting fact: The waterfalls are actually cascades.


  • Concert: A New Year’s Eve concert at the Slovak Philharmonic will celebrate music by US and British composers like Leonard Bernstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The concert begins at 16:00. Another concert will take place at 19:00 on January 2.

  • NYE celebrations: How to spend December 31 in Bratislava, apart from watching fireworks.

  • Read: Canadian Ben Pascoe found home in the Slovak capital where he runs his café on a street that tourists do not know.
  • Theatre:This Room Can’t Be Eaten”, a play written by Nicol Hochholczerová, will premiere at the Žilina theatre in the first half of January. Based on a novel, the play tells a story of a young teenage girl and her intimate relationship with her teacher, opening up the topic of sexual abuse.
  • Music: With 2023 behind the door, get ready for new adventures with ABBA’s hit “Happy New Year”.

That’s it for this week. See you in 2023!- Peter

Do you have any tips? You can reach Peter at peter.dlhopolec@spectator.sk

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