Weekend: Slovak teenager to steal the show on Europe's biggest showcase festival

A philharmonic reunion, a nihilist theatre and a debate on Slavín monument.

Image from the first retrospective exhibition of the painter and Zen teacher Oleg Šuk and his post-minimalist paintings from 2010 - 2020 at the Vojtech Löffler Museum in Košice on January 12, 2023.Image from the first retrospective exhibition of the painter and Zen teacher Oleg Šuk and his post-minimalist paintings from 2010 - 2020 at the Vojtech Löffler Museum in Košice on January 12, 2023. (Source: TASR - František Iván)

Slovak Philharmonic claims back a cultural monument

Dom Umenia [House of Arts], one of the youngest national cultural monuments located in Piešťany reunites with the Slovak Philharmonic.

Western Slovakia's town cultural monument was originally built as a field office for the Slovak Philharmonic back in the 1980. The idea behind Dom Umenia was to bring culture closer to people in Piešťany along with the whole of Trnava and Nitra Regions, writes the philharmonic.

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The building has fallen in and out the hands of Slovak Philharmonic and other owners which mirrored ongoing political and social changes in Slovakia, as described by the head of philharmonic Marián Turner. "Its return under the Slovak Philharmonic is a circle in history closing," added Turner.

Slovak Philharmonic: Visitors can enjoy concerts of classical music.

Eurosonic welcomes Slovak teenager

Slovakia's Nina Kohoutová tours Europe's biggest showcase festival Eurosonic.

A string quintet supports Kohoutová's vocals during the show. The 19-year-old musician represents public media broadcaster Rádio_FM. Along with her, Slovakia's representation shines brightly in the line up this year.

In Europe's biggest showcase festival, held in the Netherlands, Slovakia shows its young music scene with 52 Hertz Whale and Adela Mede, which are part of the line-up too. The artists are a part of an international Europe-based lineup that showcases younger, new artists across Europe.

Just before heading to the festival, Kohoutová managed to release her first music video to her song "Moonlight". The song was a first release on musician's debut EP "Pandemonium". The artist herself describes the first song as a "slightly bizarre waltz, ironic ridicule towards myself and my own mannerisms. It shows its teeth to everyone that tragically chases after something".

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Kohoutová has been leading a solo career for a few years now, as she was formerly a part of the Autumnist band. She first truly stood out in a collaboration with the Slovak band Fallgrapp known for combining electronic dance music and classical string instruments.

Hungry for theatre

Bratislava's event space for alternative culture A4 prepares a staging of the title "Debris Company: Hunger" which satiates taste for nihilistic theatre piece. Title captures "a strange life of senses, mystery of nerves inside a starving, searching and conflicted body". The programme is in English with Slovak subtitles.

THEATRE: Wishing for more theatre? Slovak National Theatre offers an Italian opera, "La Traviata", with English and Slovak Subtitles.
CONCERT: For those who enjoy instrumental music, Slovak National Theatre holds a chamber concert.
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Like from a fairytale

Picturesque accommodation for wandering tourists opens in Krásno nad Kysucou, a town in northern Slovakia. If you're looking for a little bit of adventure and fairytale, stilt-house like shelters resting in the middle of the peaceful nature of Kysucká Vrchovina highlands is a place to go.

Language of geometry

Slovakia's own Ján Vasilko uses geometry in a language of art. Combining machines, architecture, design and appliances, his art comes together in a complex precise matter. Explore absurdity, strict technical drawings and the aesthetic of machines in Danubiana's "Inside the Surface".

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A weekend read

Photographer and architecture popularizer talks about Slavín

Many Slovak city districts are known for their colourful block of flats, a post-socialist staple in architecture. The same applies to Bratislava's districts and building complexes like Družba dormitories. Slovak photographer Štefan Cipár tries to popularise the beauty of mundane and shine light onto architecture. The idea is for people to look at old and colourfully kitschy buildings from different perspectives.

The photographer says that controversial buildings like the extension of Slovak National Gallery are sometimes a vision exceeding its time period. One of said controversial monuments is monument Slavín for fallen soldiers which reminds Slovaks of communism, Soviet Union or Russia. According to some historians, it is a Russian foot set in Slovakia.

Despite the current geo-political situation, architecture is not to blame for what is happening, Cipár says.



Before you go

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