Weekend: Explore art in the middle of the Orava sea

The weekend holds promise for many activities, from art on an island to space to theatre and artisan markets. Here's what to do on weekend from May 19 to May 21.

This weekend, also swing by the airport in Piešťany. On Saturday, the program starts at 15:30. On Sunday, the program starts on 10:30. Look up! (Illustrative photo)This weekend, also swing by the airport in Piešťany. On Saturday, the program starts at 15:30. On Sunday, the program starts on 10:30. Look up! (Illustrative photo) (Source: Ján Krošlák, SME)


An island full of art

Slanický Art Island resides in the middle of the waters of the Orava Dam. The island itself is covered by lush flora, hiding art exhibition under the crowns of trees, behind bushes and tucked away near paths.

Of the five settlements that disappeared forever under the water of the dam in 1953, only the hill with the baroque church and calvary, which once formed the dominant feature of the village of Slanica, has been preserved as an island.

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The main catch of the art island would be the baroque-classicist church which hosts an exhibition of traditional Slovak paintings and sculptures. On your way there, you’ll be able to catch a lapidary, pieces of history and other statues. Most of the authors are self-taught artists that managed to capture the beauty of mundane life. You’ll see that the exhibition is sacral-heavy in theme.

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To get there, you’ll need to catch a boat. The cruises are available daily, starting at 9:00 and then continuing at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 16:30, which is the last chance to get there. You’ll be able to get your tickets in port 2, in Slanická Osada. The island falls under the administration of The Orava Gallery in Dolný Kubín, which is also worth a visit.

Slovak footprints in space

Besides more than 200 pieces of what was left behind from the USA and USSR exploration teams along with space-craft models, the Cosmos exhibition showcases Slovak footprints in space exploration and industry. You’ll be able to find both versions of the first Slovak satellite skCUBE and personal items, equipment and more of the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella at the Cosmos Discovery Exhibition. The youngest visitors will have the chance to play in the Cosmocamp zone dedicated to small explorers.

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The guided tour for the exhibition can be downloaded via QR code. The tours are in English, German, Hungarian and Slovak. You’ll find the exhibition in Incheba Expo in Bratislava, everyday from 9:00 to 20:00.

  • TIP: For more exploring this weekend, also swing by the Domica Cave. Intense rainfall has created a chance for boat tours.
  • TIP: Where three countries meet. A rope bridge connecting Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary is a great place for a small trip. Read more on where to find the swinging bridge built during socialism.


A bit of opera and ballet

This weekend is filled with foreign-friendly program in theatres that will satisfy every connoisseur. The National Theatre Košice will host a well-known opera, The Magic Flute in its historical building located on Hlavná street, in close proximity to St. Elizabeth Cathedral and many antique and regular shops.

You’ll be able to see the opera on May 20 at 19:00 and May 21 at 11:00.

If you’re up to some ballet too, there will be one on May 21 at 19:00. The National Theatre prepared a ballet carrying the title Rodná Zem (Homeland) depicting Slovak and Czech folklore, traditions and more, all woven into the story of a Czech woman and a Slovak man that are star-crossed lovers because of their parents.

National Theatre with Carmina

Visitors will be able to enjoy another loved classic on the other side of the country from Košice. In the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, there will be a ballet of Carmina Burana, with the premiere on May 21, starting at 19:00 on the podium of the new building of the National Theatre. The ballet performance is a collaborative effort of Slovak National Theatre corps de ballet and soloists coming from many other places outside of Slovakia.

If you can’t make it to the premiere, there’s a chance to see the ballet on May 20, at 19:00 as well.

  • TIP: For a sprinkle of alternative music, check out what A4 space has prepared for you. The Orfeus Elektroakustik is a student festival of contemporary music that has been on the scene for 22 years.


All homemade in Piešťany

The municipality of Piešťany, Trnava Region, will be hosting a three-day market dedicated to hand-made traditional products. You’ll be able to find everything from baked goods, candles, music instruments, toys and even historical pieces of clothing and linen wear. There will be more than 170 creators gathered. The market takes place on the spa-island, which is also home of many other neat tourist spots like the thermal ponds with healing water, peacocks, beautiful architecture to gaze upon and more. While there, you’ll be also able to taste Piešťany’s speciality, spa wafers.

The market starts at 11:00 on Monday and ends at 18:00. For both Saturday and Sunday, the market opens at 9:00 and ends at 18:00. On Saturday, you’ll be able to catch a parade full of traditional garb starting at 10:00.

Friendly brunch and Ukrainian humour in Košice

The second in a series of community brunches will take place this weekend in Košice. In cooperation with Mareena and The UN Refugee Agency, Tabačka has organised a friendly brunch that welcomes all that want to taste good food and learn more about volunteering. There will be local communities, volunteers and everybody who wants to participate in doing good. The brunch starts at 10:30 on May 20.

Other than the brunch, the opening of the summer season also takes place on May 20 in Tabačka. With free entry, you’ll be able to get a drink, meet up with people and dance the night away with a DJ.

Last but not least, the “Fabrik Space” of Tabačka will be hosting a stand-up comedy event titled Stand-Up Ukraine, starting at 20:00 on the same day. Ukrainian comedy artists will have their own sketches and monologues prepared. The program is in Ukrainian.

  • TIP: Art Exhibition in Arta: While hanging out in Piešťany during the traditional market, why not explore the city? Local community space Arta will be hosting an exhibition on May 19 at 18:00 dedicated to queer art by queer artists.


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    That's it for this week. Take care, and have a restful weekend!

    Do you have any tips? You can reach Mária at maria.jurikova@spectator.sk

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