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Some nuclear blocks temporarily out of operation

Several repairs and checks are expected to be carried out.Compiled by Spectator staff, 18. Sep 2018, at 14:00

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Regulated electricity prices for households are going up

The regulator argues the higher prices of European carbon allowancesCompiled by Spectator staff, 13. Sep 2018, at 14:58

Power plant Elektárne Nováky (ENO)

Slovakia is revamping support of renewable energy sources

New legislation keeps a controversial tariff paid by electricity producersJana Liptáková, 10. Aug 2018, at 5:17

Also Slovakia is harnessing solar energy.

Slovakia supports US President Trump’s opinion on North Stream 2

The government does not see any benefit in the project with regard to the reduction of dependence on a single gas supply route.Compiled by Spectator staff, 12. Jul 2018, at 22:34

Steel pipes for the North Stream 2 pipeline are uploaded in Mukran harbour in Sassnitz, Germany.

Is the completion of Mochovce nuclear plant close?

PM Pellegrini inspected the construction site of the delayed project.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Jul 2018, at 22:48

PM Peter Pellegrini inspected the construction site of the third block of the Mochovce nuclear power plant.

Mochovce nuclear power plant might be delayed again

But Slovenské Elektrárne promises to minimise risks that would delay current plans.Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Jun 2018, at 21:55

Mochovce nuclear power plant

State will give companies €80 million on their energy bills

The new legislation on renewable energy sources introduces two fundamental novelties.Compiled by Spectator staff, 16. May 2018, at 21:40

A solar energy array in Slovakia

State-of-the-art power plant in Malženice will be switched on again

The German power company E.ON has two reasons to resume its operationCompiled by Spectator staff, 17. Apr 2018, at 22:31

Malženice facility

Slovak part of Druzhba pipeline used at less than 50 percent last year

Despite this, Transpetrol still transported more crude oil last year.Compiled by Spectator staff, 20. Feb 2018, at 1:17

Efficiency leads to savings and safety

Slovakia is still seventh in the EU’s energy intensity ranking.Peter Adamovsky, 15. Jan 2018, at 6:30

Innovative materials are used to make buildings more energy efficient.

Decentralisation is coming to energy

The latest trends in the sector include smart systems, local source and renewable energy.Peter Adamovsky, 15. Jan 2018, at 6:30

Trends in energy production are gradually changing.

Šefčovič: I have not considered running for president yet

Vice-president of the European Commission discusses presidential run, Brexit, and the new gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.By Marek Poracký8. Jan 2018, at 9:28

Vice-president of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič

Support of RES will change

Local source may be a cure to connection moratorium.Jana Liptáková, 4. Jan 2018, at 6:30

Changes in RES support should secure cost effectiveness.

Coal, water and nuclear energy

Most electricity generated in Slovakia comes from nuclear energy.Jana Liptáková, 4. Jan 2018, at 6:30

Malženice facility

No new nuclear power plant planned

The state postpones the construction of a new utility in Jaslovské Bohunice, claiming there is no need for it.Radka Minarechová, 18. Dec 2017, at 6:30

Mochovce nuclear power plant

How is the skyline over Jaslovské Bohunice changing?

The four cooling towers are expected to be removed until the end of 2018.Radka Minarechová, 18. Dec 2017, at 6:30

State in mid-December 2017

Mochovce completion follows schedule

The nuclear regulator has not completely ruled out a further possible delay in the completion.Compiled by Spectator staff, 18. Dec 2017, at 6:30

Mochovce nuclear power plant

Electricity prices will increase next year

An average household will pay a few cents more.Compiled by Spectator staff, 28. Nov 2017, at 22:40

Fico: Sino-Slovak relations getting back to normal following a cool off

Prospects for cooperation lie in transport, trade, energy and robotisationCompiled by Spectator staff, 27. Nov 2017, at 21:29

First natural gas auction was declared void

Only one supplier showed interestCompiled by Spectator staff, 6. Nov 2017, at 22:16

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