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Chocolate maker in Slovakia invests in communities

Forget sheep cheese and liquor. Slovaks can also earn recognition in the chocolate industry.10. Aug 2017, at 7:07

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Camping in a tree? Try it in Bratislava

A creaking wooden floor and the wind swaying the branches of trees around you. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to spend a night in a tree house?25. Jul 2017, at 11:51

The tree-house at Kačín

Two travel bloggers showcase SlovakiaVideo

Youtubers give their viewers a sample of the mountains and streets of Slovakia.19. Jul 2017, at 15:58

Lomnický štít peak in the High Tatras

First time in Bratislava? This can help you find your way

The city is easy to navigate for English-speakers, but knowing a few key phrases in Slovak will help.16. Jun 2017, at 11:10