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Slovakia’s Gaelic Football team offers a family away from home

The Slovak Shamrocks, established in 2011 under the Gaelic Athletic Association, recruits locals and expats of all ages and abilities to play the unusual game.16. May 2018, at 12:47

Members of the Slovak Shamrocks celebrate on the field.

Bahraini journalist: You cannot build a real public opinion without journalism

In 2011, Nazeeha Saeed was beaten and tortured by authorities for covering pro-democracy protests. Now, she’s fighting back.24. Apr 2018, at 9:32

Nazeeha Saeed

Luers: Civil society needed more than ever in Slovakia

We need civil society now more than we did in the 1990s, says Wendy Luers, who helped create civil society as we know it in Slovakia today.16. Apr 2018, at 18:00

Wendy Luers (left) with Pontis Foundation director Lenka Surotchak during the Via Bona award ceremony.

US Embassy kicks off International Roma Day with a football tournament

International diplomats, Slovak politicians, and Roma teams from eastern and western Slovakia played in the friendly tournament.6. Apr 2018, at 17:59

US Ambassador Adam Sterling poses with the victorious Roma players from Humenne and Moldava nad Bodvou.

Test your brainpower and rewrite history

At one of Bratislava's escape rooms, teams can work together to save the most famous Slovak folk hero.22. Mar 2018, at 18:06

Props awaiting players in one of the Brainteaselava escape rooms.

Croatian in Slovakia: Foreigners have a business advantage

Seven years ago, Marija Hrvatic was a business service centre employee living in a strange, new city - Bratislava. Now, she’s made a business of helping foreigners.14. Mar 2018, at 14:00

Marija Hrvatic, founder of internationals.sk.

Canadian native turns phonetic trick into a popular Bratislava café

Thirteen years ago, Ben Pascoe was an aspiring entrepreneur with a cool way of remembering the phrase “nech sa páči”.6. Feb 2018, at 13:03

Ben Pascoe at his café, the place where locals go.