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Andrew Giarelli
Andrew Giarelli’s novel explores Rome’s centuries-long tradition of putting social commentary on statues. 11. apr11. Apr 2021, at 7:00
Constitutional lawyers warn against too loose of an approach to granting citizenship to non-residents. 23. mar23. Mar 2021, at 13:39
Christmas 2020 at Mareena
Mareena’s new campaign is flashy, but its message is simple: Islamophobia has got to go. 16. mar16. Mar 2021, at 7:00
Mohamad Safwan Hasna
We are not being targeted right now, but Islamophobia is still a problem in Slovakia, says Islamic Foundation director. 16. mar16. Mar 2021, at 7:00
Caritas Slovakia's ‘World Without “the Other” – Migration Myths’ campaign educates Slovaks on migration in a fun and artistic way.
Religious organisations have added leverage in changing perceptions of foreigners and migrants, says Caritas Slovakia. 24. nov24. Nov 2020, at 13:35
Adam Holoubek (top left), Justin Rozanski - ROZI (top right), S. L. Feemster (bottom middle)
Adam Holoubek’s film LENS-MUSE explores the relationship between humans and technology. 3. nov3. Nov 2020, at 12:51
Self-portrait of Kvet Nguyen
Kvet Nguyen says the Slovak name she chose is a symbol of her multicultural identity. 23. sep23. Sep 2020, at 17:30
Bibiana Kerpcar
Bibiana Kerpcar was five years old when she moved to Brooklyn, but her love of Slovak fairy tales has kept her connected to her hometown, Stará Ľubovňa. 8. sep8. Sep 2020, at 7:00
Black Lives Matter protest in Germany
Tyrone Chambers, an American opera singer based in Germany, shares what it feels like to be an American living in Europe, watching the BLM movement from across the ocean. 6. aug6. Aug 2020, at 8:00
Eva Putzova
Because of Trump’s dealings with Putin, all eastern Europeans are considered Russians because people don’t distinguish accents, says politician Eva Putzova. 22. júl22. Jul 2020, at 12:42
Black Lives Matter gathering in Bratislava on June 13.
Expats say they are ambassadors, willing or unwilling, and they have a responsibility to stand up against racial injustice. 29. jún29. Jun 2020, at 18:07
PM Igor Matovič while introducing the further liberation of coronavirus measures.
Here is an overview of how the partial lockdown in March led to a mostly reopened economy in May. 25. máj25. May 2020, at 12:14
Kerim Hudson, co-owner of PAKTA, is trying to help others by offering face masks and the patterns for those who want to make them at home.
The Slovak Spectator spoke to three foreign business owners and a nonprofit director in Bratislava about the effects of COVID-19 on their work. 17. apr17. Apr 2020, at 11:08
Listen to Spectacular Slovakia to learn more about Pukanec, a small village near Banská Štiavnica, and its rich history.
The little-known village of Pukanec has more stories to tell. 2. apr2. Apr 2020, at 11:47
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Súľov Rocks provide a fairy-tale experience

The Súľov Rocks.
Explore Súľov Castle and seek a dragon on the hike. 12. mar12. Mar 2020, at 20:24
Foreigners and Slovaks in Bratislava pose in the beautiful interior of the Old Town Hall.
The Old Town Hall tells tales of famous royals and precious improvisations. 10. mar10. Mar 2020, at 14:03
The village of Stankovany in northern Slovakia lies at the foot of Šíp peak.
Šíp, a peak in northern Slovakia, is accessible by train from Bratislava. 5. mar5. Mar 2020, at 10:00
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

How to cycle from Spain to Slovakia

Graham Strouts cycling the Camino de Santiago.
Briton Graham Strouts spent five months cycling Europe, ultimately ending up in Bratislava. 27. feb27. Feb 2020, at 9:59
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson, who pitched for the Minnesota Twins, directs a non-profit that uses baseball for youth outreach in Slovakia. 17. feb17. Feb 2020, at 10:00
Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova
Authors Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova were born behind the Iron Curtain but raised in a free world. 1. feb1. Feb 2020, at 16:44