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Children used to breakfast on beer and bread in Bratislava

Find out more untold stories about Bratislava in the latest episode.12. Dec 2019, at 15:47

The last gas light in Bratislava was put out with a bamboo pipeline in 1965 at Školská Street. Listen to more interesting facts about the capital in the latest Spectacular Slovakia episode
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

What does Kendrick Lamar share with Schöne Náci?

Learn 10 unusual facts about Bratislava in this week’s podcast.28. Nov 2019, at 10:29

People may come across the statue of Schöne Náci near the Main Square in Bratislava

Where the rules of the outside world do not apply

Volunteer-run Bystro has flourished thanks to its philosophy of de-growth.19. Nov 2019, at 12:47

Nicolas Giroux (L) and the "food savers" of Bystro.

Prague was supposed to be a quiet posting when I arrived in 1987

A Canadian diplomat thinks back to his time in Czechoslovakia during the Velvet Revolution.11. Nov 2019, at 19:19

Guimond regularly attended demonstrations in Prague. This one took place in January 1989.
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Your guide to learning Slovak

Expat Ali recommends Slovak-language courses in Bratislava.7. Nov 2019, at 8:33

The opening of the Studia Academica Slovaca (SAS) summer school on August 6, 2018, in the Assembly Hall of Comenius University in Bratislava
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Spook-free and sugar-filled: How to celebrate Halloween in Slovakia

An American talks about how she includes her Slovak neighbours in Halloween celebrations.31. Oct 2019, at 10:54

Children celebrate Pumpkin Saturday at the Košice Children's Heritage Railway on November 2, 2013
UPDATED October 28, 2019

Brexit: What UK nationals in Slovakia need to know

The UK has been granted a Brexit "flextension" until January 31, 2020. Here’s how the UK’s departure will affect UK nationals living in Slovakia.28. Oct 2019, at 8:42

British Union flags fly in front of The Houses of Parliament in London, January 22, 2019.
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

The Černová Tragedy: 15 people killed for consecration of their church

Slovaks overlook the 1907 massacre, although it is a red-letter day.24. Oct 2019, at 21:05

The Slovak Post issued the Andrej Hlinka stamps on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Slovak Catholic priest and politician's birth in 2014. Hlinka was a key figure in the October 1907 Černová Tragedy, although he was not present
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Spectacular Slovakia: Where to find handsome Slovak men

Slovak folk songs may guide you to the right places.9. Oct 2019, at 19:24

A folk group performs at the Spiš Fair in eastern Slovakia

Blog: Some good reasons to take a bike ride to Devín in autumn

A scrumptious taste of local viticulture is only one of them.9. Oct 2019, at 12:54

Devín Castle
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

His paintings were sold for lots of money, but Benka dreamed of career in music

Martin Benka became Slovakia’s national treasure for his artistic craft.3. Oct 2019, at 16:46

People attend the Martin Benka exhibition at the SOGA auction company in Bratislava on September 10, 2019

Blog: A page out of the foreigners’ storybook

At the Bratislava True Stories event on September 20, “Odkiaľ si” became the Slovak version of “Once Upon a Time”.30. Sep 2019, at 10:58

Nastaran (Nasi) A Morlagh tells a story at a Bratislava True Stories event in 2018.
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

People in the Hont Region pulled a bull up on a tower

“Why?” you may ask. Find out in the Spectacular Slovakia episode.26. Sep 2019, at 17:48

The "Hontianska paráda" folklore festival takes place every August in Hrušov in the Hont Region

Sudanese cartoonist: Censorship not just something in some far away land

Khalid Albaih found freedom of expression on the internet because there was nowhere else.19. Sep 2019, at 10:06

Khalid Albaih

Expats: Three things that will improve your mental health

Talley Sjoberg Varney is featured in this week's Spectacular Slovakia.5. Sep 2019, at 13:49

How to handle a new life in a new country? American T. S. Varney talks about mental health and more.

Poland’s spoonful of sugar for bitter anti-refugee rhetoric

We voice what is hurting, says Karol Wilczyński, one of the founders of Islamista.2. Sep 2019, at 19:01

Anna and Karol Wilczyński during the international conference Rethinking Islam co-organised by them in Cracow, Poland in 2019. The conference gathered experts and practitioners on the issues of Islam and migration and was aimed at discussing the current issues of social integration and diversity.

Memories of the uprising: It seemed that even the birds stopped chirping

Slovakia marks the 75th anniversary of the uprising on August 29.22. Aug 2019, at 21:39

(Left) Demeter Kokosh at age 7, his brother John 3 and uncle Peter in 1939. (Right) Mr Kokosh today.

Sit down places in Bratislava for breakfast

Peter & Anna also exchange views on US and Slovak breakfast.22. Aug 2019, at 13:00

Bratislava offers some splendid breakfast cafés and restaurants. Find out more in the Spectacular Slovakia podcast.

Zealous about zen? Discover your peace of mind in Bratislava.

American Talley Sjoberg Varney takes us into her ‘potions room’ to explain why aromatherapy matters.15. Aug 2019, at 19:08

American aromatherapist Talley Sjoberg Varney chats with us on this week's episode of Spectacular Slovakia.

There is a lot of poetry in the air, most of it escapes me

Experimental poet Zuzana Husárová uses many tools to create nontraditional poems, but pen and paper is generally not one of them.13. Aug 2019, at 12:08

Zuzana Husárová