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Dominika Uhríková joined The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in 2007. In 2008, she joined the team part time and was assigned the Countrywide Events column. She covers culture and writes for the publishing house `s special publications.From May 2005 to April 2007, Ms. Uhríková worked part time for Radio Lumen. She also freelances for Teleplus, a national bi-weekly. Ms. Uhríková is studying translation and interpretation at the English and Italian departments of Comenius University’s School of Philosophy. She also studies French and culture at Prešov University’s School of Philosophy.

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Košice's State Theatre
2013, the year when Košice is to become a European City of Culture (ECOC), is soon approaching, and residents of the city claim that in the past two years, since the city was so designated by the EU, significant… 26. Sep 2011, at 0:00
Zuzana Malinovská-Šalamonová
ONE OF Slovakia’s most renowned literary scholars, Zuzana Malinovská-Šalamonová, associate professor at Prešov University, has devoted her career to the cultures and literatures of French-speaking countries. Her… 20. Jun 2011, at 0:00
Design and Architecture Days take place in Bratislava

Fostering creativity in Slovak design and architecture

An architectural gem highlighted Slovak design possibilities at DAAD.
OFFERING a new and unusual way of looking at the buildings we walk past and the objects we use every day was the principal objective of Design and Architecture Days (DAAD), the second edition of which took place in… 6. Jun 2011, at 0:00
Multiplace was staged outside the GJK in protest.
THE FUTURE of Trnava’s Ján Koniarek Gallery (GJK) remains uncertain following the dismissal of its director and the suspension of its programme of exhibitions for 2011. Though it has been several months since… 30. May 2011, at 0:00
US Air Forces Band draws crowds

'US Ambassadors of Goodwill' tour Slovakia

The USAFE Band's show in Bratislava offered more than just great music.
“A SQUARE peg in a round hole” – this is how the members of the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Band, one of the US military ensembles, are sometimes described in their concurrent roles as musicians and… 16. May 2011, at 0:00
The kindergarten in Lunik IX, as shown in the British documentary movie Lunik IX.
“DEATH to the documentary” was the slogan of the 2nd DOCsk festival, Slovakia’s only event devoted entirely to documentary films, which took place in Košice between April 13 and 16. 25. Apr 2011, at 0:00
French actor Louis Garrel is among the guests

Francophone Film Festival hits Bratislava

French film legends Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu star in Potiche (above), which will get an opena-air screening in Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava on April 15 as part of the International Francophone Film Festival.
ON TOUR, a comedy by Mathieu Amalric that followed an American troupe of real-life burlesque dancers as they toured French port cities, will mark the April 13 opening of the 13th year of the International… 11. Apr 2011, at 0:00
DISCRIMINATION can take various forms and can cause unimaginable harm to minorities living among a dominant majority – a majority that does not encounter obstacles in getting an education, finding a job or simply… 28. Mar 2011, at 0:00
The orchestra in action.
ONE OF the most eagerly awaited events on the 2011 cultural agenda of Bratislava is only days away. For a few hours on April 3, Bratislava will become the capital of jazz virtuosity, or so it would seem, with the… 28. Mar 2011, at 0:00
A billboard advertising Slovak films at this year's Berlinale.
AFTER A slight downtick last year, the future of Slovakia’s cinema production again looks promising. The first major film event of 2011, the recent Berlinale, brought into the spotlight several young talents who… 28. Feb 2011, at 0:00
Gael García Bernal in Mammoth.
FROSTS and snowfalls are expected to last well into early spring in Slovakia, particularly in the vicinity of cinemas, galleries and other cultural venues, and this particular blizzard of culture will be especially… 7. Feb 2011, at 0:00
Slovaks are getting more chances to see Japanese films, partly thanks to the Japanese Embassy in Bratislava.
DO YOU KNOW what a deaf teenage surfer, a World War II kamikaze pilot and a private eye might have in common? If you don’t, it means you probably did not attend the mini-film festival recently brought to Bratislava… 24. Jan 2011, at 0:00
Korean cuisine finds its way to Slovakia

Koreans fight homesickness with food

A wide selection of tasty morsels were prepared for the Korean Food Contest.
TTEOKGUK, naengmyeon, bibimbap: for some, they are terrible tongue-twisters; for Koreans, they mean home. But lately, these traditional Korean dishes have started to find their way into Slovakia – to the apparent… 24. Jan 2011, at 0:00
Artists from the V4 region dominate Tabačka's programme
THE VISEGRAD exchange does not limit itself to ministerial and diplomatic bureaux: in the eastern Slovak town of Košice, the European Capital of Culture in 2013, for example, it even flourishes in such unusual… 13. Dec 2010, at 0:00
Let's go study abroad!
GLOBETROTTING students and researchers can nowadays enjoy a seemingly endless list of different grants and scholarships; however, those coming from or wishing to study within the Visegrad region have an extra ace in… 13. Dec 2010, at 0:00
‘Red Westerns’ to be showcased at next year's BIFF

The science and art of making a festival

Matthieu Darras
NO SOONER had the curtain fallen on the 12th Bratislava International Film Festival (BIFF), held between November 4 and 18 in Bratislava, Košice, Banská Bystrica and Žilina, than its management team started getting… 22. Nov 2010, at 0:00
Around 200 movies are available in Bratislava and beyond

Biggest film festival kicks off with new twists

Niles Attalah's movie Lucía intimately observes the daily life of a father and daughter in Chile.
STARS, journalists and fans have been rubbing shoulders in Slovakia’s capital since Thursday, when the 12th Bratislava International Film Festival (BIFF), the biggest and most prestigious local film gathering,… 8. Nov 2010, at 0:00
Young Slovak fashion designers compete in Bratislava

Slovak haute couture takes to the catwalk

Fashions designed by Ema Kleinová  won the Internet and Audience awards.
MADRID, Paris, London, New York, Munich or Prague – these are the cities in which some of the contestants for Brillance Fashion Talent (BFT), a prestigious competition for local fashion designers recently held in… 1. Nov 2010, at 0:00
The photos in Mission: Slovak Salesians Around the World won Alan Hyža the title “Slovak Photographer of the Year” in 2009.
A book review 25. Oct 2010, at 0:00
The key to success is its own clear vision says Peter Nágel

Art Film Fest breaks records, again

Gérard Depardieu was the main star of the festival.
MORE than 38,000 visitors, 400 international guests and 175 journalists: these are the outstanding figures that marked the 18th – and so far most successful – edition of Slovakia’s second largest film event, Art… 12. Jul 2010, at 0:00