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Can the Blue Card beat the Green Card?

Highly-skilled workers looking for better job opportunities abroad have always been very attracted to the US labour market which has offered a more welcoming environment and transparent legal conditions for…11. May 2009, at 0:00

More than 110 training firms attended a trade fair in November 2008 in Bratislava
Slovak experts are neither returning from abroad in massive numbers, nor are they leaving

Crisis: an end to the brain drain?

Brain drain used to be a real headache for businesses and academia in Slovakia. Over the past two decades the Slovak economy witnessed some of its smartest young people taking up jobs abroad after graduating from…27. Apr 2009, at 0:00

The global economic crisis, which has seriously affected labour markets all over the EU, is already changing migration patterns.
Pay in euros enhances wage comparisons with other V4 countries

Slovak wages set to stagnate in 2009

Slovaks should not expect much higher salaries in the coming months. Because the country’s economy has entered a crisis mode, employers will be more reluctant to increase wages. Even the trade unions agreed during…18. Feb 2009, at 0:00

Several changes will affect the  wages of Slovaks in 2009.

A roundup of the year in business

PREPARATIONS for the euro and the global financial crisis had the most significant influence on Slovakia’s economy this year.22. Dec 2008, at 0:00

Igor Barát, government proxy for euro adoption, after making a symbolic first cut to the “eurometre” on January 2, 2008. Slovakia is now only days away from adopting the euro.

A year of crisis and opportunity

PRIVATE equity firms in Slovakia rate 2008 as a year which some players might have a hard time recovering from. In the course of the year, the market was hit by the financial crisis. As a result, the market might…15. Dec 2008, at 0:00

Slovak red tape a problem for investors

THE HISTORY of Korean investment in Slovakia dates back to 2002, when one of its main players in the electro-technical industry set up production here. The second milestone occurred in 2004, when a South Korean…8. Dec 2008, at 0:00

Seoul City Hall, pictured covered by a South Korean national flag made of about 27,000 plastic balls, in August 2008. The flag was made to commemorate Liberation Day on August 15.
Western regions have a favourable location and good infrastructure

The capital still packs a punch

WESTERN Slovakia has almost always been the most developed part of the country. Its has advanced infrastructure, connections to international corridors and a relatively low unemployment rate. It is home to many…1. Dec 2008, at 0:00


Investors get a new fund

SLOVAKS are slowly getting used to investment funds. The majority of retail investment funds, such as mutual funds and pension funds, have gained a foothold on the Slovak financial market. But investment funds…1. Dec 2008, at 0:00

Up-beat predictions about the potential impact of the global financial crisis on the Slovak economy are becoming ever scarcer. However, there is something most players in the real estate market can ag

Battening down the hatches

Consultants say that this represents an end to the era of speculative projects during which people felt that anything that was put up could be sold. Instead, developers will come under pressure to be more selective…24. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Slovak car sales buck European trend

THE NUMBER of newly registered cars in Slovakia continues to grow. This is in contrast to the news from western markets, which are recording falling car sales because of the financial crisis.24. Nov 2008, at 0:00

The crisis has not dimmed Slovakia's appetite for cars.

Some like it simple, some do not

DRIVERS wishing to change their provider of compulsory third party liability insurance for 2009 were required to do so by mid-November, as the market is undergoing several changes next year.24. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Engine output and volume are the most frequent criteria for calculating the price of liability insurance.
Suppliers with low added value might be first to shut up shop

Automotive producers to halt expansion plans

THE AUTOMOTIVE industry, which is one of the key industries in the country, initiated the record growth of the Slovak economy over the last several years. But the automotive industry is very sensitive to the…24. Nov 2008, at 0:00

The automotive industry is currently among the leaders in technology.
Ten years ago, 90 percent of software used in Slovakia was pirated. Now it is 45 percent, according to BSA

A business would not steal a car but software...

IN MAY this year, shop assistants at two computer retailers in Štúrovo, southern Slovakia, offered to install pirated software on a PC that a customer had inquired about buying. The assistants told the customer they…17. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Increasing awareness at schools is an effective tool against software piracy.

Online is catching up with print

ONLINE advertising is the fastest growing segment in the Slovak market, as in much of the rest of the world, and this growth is occurring at the expense of the print media, analysts say.17. Nov 2008, at 0:00

The increase in revenues for online ads has taken a bite out of the advertising in print media.
Online cadastre and commercial register are so far the most successful projects, says IT expert

E-government still largely just on paper

THE NATIONAL Concept of IT Introduction in Public Administration, which was adopted in May, is the latest document in which the Slovak government specifies a plan for providing e-government services at state offices…17. Nov 2008, at 0:00

E-government should save citizens time now spent waiting in offices.
Slovakia could be using its geothermal resources for more than aquaparks, say experts

Harnessing the power from below

SUCH IS THE potential of Slovakia’s geothermal resources that the country could rank among the leaders in Europe - like Italy, Iceland, France and Germany - by using it as a source of energy.So far, geothermal water…10. Nov 2008, at 0:00

The high start–up cost of drilling wells may discourage investment in geothermal energy.

Biomass is an unfunded priority

THE USE of biomass fuel is increasing in Slovakia, but its supporters contend that the legislation on supporting renewable energy resources is inadequate and unstable, which impedes large investment projects. This…10. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Wooden pellets are able to release the same amount of heat as brown coal.
But it fails to address Slovakia's dependence on imports, critics say

Energy strategy targets quality and affordability

THE GOVERNMENT approved its Strategy on Energy Security on October 15, about a year after it was first made public. It is a long-term plan for how to secure reliable supplies of all types of energy resources.10. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Electricity production will swallow the largest portion of investments into the energy industry, according to the Strategy on Energy Security.
Lack of training and risk management, and rewards for failure at root of crisis, says ACCA

Learning lessons from the crisis

A FAILURE of corporate governance in banks has played a role in the current financial crisis, according to the president of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Richard Aitken-Davies, speaking…3. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Richard Aitken-Davies
After euro adoption, threshold for registration of VAT payers will be lower

Bookkeeping in crowns, taxation in euros

BUSINESSES are conducting their bookkeeping for 2008 in Slovak crowns, even though they are going to pay their taxes for this year in euros. Auditing firms don’t expect euro adoption to cause major problems in…3. Nov 2008, at 0:00

Mistakes are expected in rounding and conversion calculations.