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Roman Cuprik joined The Slovak Spectator team in March 2012 as a staff writer after contributing to the 2011 edition of Spectacular Slovakia. He graduated with a master’s degree from the journalism department of Comenius University in Bratislava. He covers political and social news.

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UPDATED: 16. Aug 2017, at 15:53

PM Fico wants Education Minister’s resignation

Education Minister Peter Plavčan has refused to leave, the Prime Minister demanding his resignation.16. Aug 2017, at 14:14

Education Minister Peter Plavčan

We visited Jehovah's Witnesses to talk

Russia is oppressing Jehovah's Witnesses after courts described them as extremists.2. Aug 2017, at 12:56

Daughter to father: I’m going to kill you

Children are often manipulated against their parents while authorities decide about divorces and custody.26. Jul 2017, at 14:17

Assassins and child porn; a darknet offers everything

The Slovak Spectator spent several days on the Darknet.18. Jul 2017, at 17:14

Guns are available for sale on the darknet website.

Desperate foreigners continue to deal with queues at the police department

Unofficial queuing lists have re-appeared, and some say they have camped in front of the department for days.13. Jul 2017, at 15:01

Foreigners queuing in Petržalka.

Asylum seekers avoid Slovakia

The country has accepted only 16 people through its quota system.11. Jul 2017, at 16:17

Refugees at the border between Hungary and Serbia.

Evangelic Church dismissed priest for supporting same-sex marriages

Jakub Pavlús moved from Slovakia to the Czech Republic to serve as an Evangelical priest due to his views on same-sex marriage.4. Jul 2017, at 18:43

Evangelical priest Jakub Pavlús

Police deal with increasing number of bomb threats

By the end of May 2017, there were 44 cases of false alarms; for the whole of 2016, there were 54 such cases.28. Jun 2017, at 16:00

Košice courts were searched for bomb on November 30, with nothing found.

Police reconsider training methods after killing a hostage

The Police corps lack a helicopter during car chases and a simulator for shooting from a moving car.21. Jun 2017, at 14:55

Civic campaign expert: Anticorruption protests are too ambitious

Smer will not permit serious personnel changes simply due to students' protests, according to expert on civic campaigns, Juraj Rizman.14. Jun 2017, at 7:10

Juraj Rizman

Political prisoners are against Memory Institute reform

Coalition proposes change to legislation that would remove Ondrej Krajňák from the post of head of the National Memory Institute.6. Jun 2017, at 20:08

Ondrej Krajňák, head of the National Memory Institute.

Another police raid shows lack of equipment and trainingVideo

Police have been waiting for promised body cameras since 2013.30. May 2017, at 12:59

Vote-buying scandal lands village mayor in court

Some Roma claiming the mayor of Gemerská Poloma, Miroslav Michalka was buying votes, have changed their testimonies.24. May 2017, at 14:37

Stanislav Kučerák (blue shirt) is a key witness in the vote-buying case.
UPDATED: 17. May 2017, at 10:15

UPDATED: Interior Minister refuses to leave after avoiding competition

Office for Public Procurement may impose a €260,000 fine on the Interior Ministry for avoiding public procurement when acquiring client centre.16. May 2017, at 16:05

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

State-funded Anti-Fascistic Union spreads pro-Russian propaganda

Interior Ministry investigates activities of the Union of Anti-Fascistic Warriors.9. May 2017, at 17:48

Also communists give speeches at Union of Anti-Fascistic Warriors events.

Interior Ministry bought flats from Bašternák’s brother

State lost around €1 million on deal, according to opposition.4. May 2017, at 23:34

Land on Rajská street.

Police pursue MPs for racist statements

Parliament, police and even Facebook are dealing with comments made by extremists of the ĽSNS party.3. May 2017, at 8:54

L-R: Mazurek and Mizík in parliament on February 1, refusing to apologise.

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