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Roman Cuprik joined The Slovak Spectator team in March 2012 as a staff writer after contributing to the 2011 edition of Spectacular Slovakia. He graduated with a master’s degree from the journalism department of Comenius University in Bratislava. He covers political and social news.

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IPI’s Spillmann: Slovaks sent promising message to Europe

IPI representatives honoured the memory of Ján Kuciak.8. Nov 2018, at 11:21

Markus Spillmann is the IPI Executive Board chair. He was editor-in-chief of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) and a member of the management board of the NZZ Media Group from 2006-14.

Man who bashed ex-girlfriend’s head fined with €1,500

Prosecutor agreed with the fine for the man who broke the nose of his ex-girlfriend.2. Nov 2018, at 10:36

Edina Váradyová was attacked by ex-boyfriend.

Rector, minister, president. Why nobody halted the plagiarists’ appointment?

None of the concerned parties see their role in evaluating the moral qualities of the candidate for professor.25. Sep 2018, at 12:26

Marian Vanderka

School resembling cult continues

Witnesses talk about hand to hand combat, inappropriate touching and community life at elementary school going by the name Two Hands.19. Sep 2018, at 13:24

Aleš Štesko is former director of elementary school going by the name Two Hands.

Man from Russian sanction list trained president’s and PM’s bodyguards

Denis Riauzov is on the sanctions list and the secret services believe he is a Russian agent.19. Sep 2018, at 1:16

Security analyst: People from central Europe also join Jihadists

V4 countries are not a target for terrorists, nor a significant source of fighters, but they serve for logistic purposes.13. Sep 2018, at 10:56

Kacper Rekawek is Head of Defence and Security Programme at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute.

Young Roma beats the odds and is heading for a master’s degree

Ján Lakatoš is one of the first graduates of the program for Roma willing to study economics.29. Aug 2018, at 12:15

Ján Lakatoš

Political scientist: Vietnamese kidnappers maybe did not care about being exposed

Trinh Xuan Thanh was a typical Vietnamese red prince.22. Aug 2018, at 15:22

Trinh Xuan Thanh was sentenced to life in prison in Vietnam.

Hungarian oligarchs expand to Slovakia

Hungarian firms investigated by EU’s anti-fraud office try to do business in Slovakia.7. Aug 2018, at 12:57

István Tiborcz

Measles might spread further west

Police will assist the vaccination in communities from where the epidemic spread.12. Jul 2018, at 15:12

Football manager charged with extremism may circumvent punishment

Slovak football has long history of racism displays and unethical behaviour.4. Jul 2018, at 11:28

Ivan Kmotrík Jr.

Slovak high-tech fortress hosts cryptominersVideo

A Slovak cryptofarm using actors and a data centre for promotion caught the eye of the worldwide IT community.12. Jun 2018, at 15:41

A building owned by Igor Rattaj where cryptominers rent the spaces. The Slovak Finance Ministry also has a floor there.

Why police will not find your bike

Increasing number of stolen bikes provoke people into buying better locks.29. May 2018, at 16:48

Several Christians disagree with Church’s stance towards extremists

The extremist ĽSNS party drafted a bill limiting abortions in Slovakia, creating an awkward situation for the Church.21. May 2018, at 15:23

Illustrative stock photo

The biggest survey showed the lives of LGBT people

They are mostly liberals but a third of them consider themselves to be Catholics.17. May 2018, at 13:01

Slovakia’s LGBTI community seeks to expand their rights.

Comenius University accepted plagiaristic works from Germans

German media reported on suspicions of plagiarism and the difficulty of stripping people of Slovak degrees.11. Apr 2018, at 22:37

Comenius University in Bratislava

Roads full of potholes; drivers can claim compensation

Drivers with damaged cars due to pothole need to persuade courts that the pothole surprised them.11. Apr 2018, at 11:33

How an unknown collaborator with Široký took control over EU-funds

At the beginning of his career, Ľubomír Jahnátek was more of a figure of fun but later he was connected to scandal.5. Apr 2018, at 9:48

Ľubomír Jahnátek

Kuciak extended a list of traumatising murders

Slovakia has many experiences with unsolved murders that have affected society.28. Mar 2018, at 20:36

Memorial commemorating Daniel Tupý’s death on the Tyršovo Embankment.

Kaliňák survived more than 10 scandals before

The past scandals of Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák involved corruption, cronyism and non-standard processes at the Interior Ministry and police office.12. Mar 2018, at 16:09

Robert Klaiňák and his scandals.