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Roman Cuprik joined The Slovak Spectator team in March 2012 as a staff writer after contributing to the 2011 edition of Spectacular Slovakia. He graduated with a master’s degree from the journalism department of Comenius University in Bratislava. He covers political and social news.

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Hoaxes ascend to mainstream politics

False claims frequently target minorities.16. Feb 2017, at 12:40

Roma settlement in Markušovce

Former neo-Nazi: You should have a beer with extremists

Neo-Nazi skinhead groups operate like a religious cult, says a former member Christian Picciolini who has launched an exit project for people like himself.7. Feb 2017, at 15:54

Christian Picciolini

Former Bratislava employees break silence on bullying

In general, 94 people left Bratislava municipality in 2015.2. Feb 2017, at 14:35

Bratislava’s Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal

Holocaust survivor: We lived in a hole like rats

Herman Schlosser experienced Anti-Semitism even after World War 2 ended.26. Jan 2017, at 14:25

Herman Schlosser

Seven more Slovaks recognised as Righteous Among the Nations

Also President Andrej Kiska attended the event.25. Jan 2017, at 20:10

Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Slovak Republic Zvi Aviner Vapni

Government repeated the same lies in 2016

The number of lies stated by top politicians increased in 2016, according to a survey.17. Jan 2017, at 14:47

Prime Minister Robert Fico

State covering clergy wages not an issue for Fico

Churches and the government have been discussing clergy wages since 2011.11. Jan 2017, at 14:40

Archbishop of Bratislava Stanislav Zvolenský with Prime Minister Robert Fico.

New castle of Bratislava millionaire attracts touristsPhoto

A Bratislava businessman has been building a castle as a present for his son since 2009 without using electricity.3. Jan 2017, at 15:12

Castle Marcus

Survey: Smer fails to name source of extremism

Generally, Slovaks in the poorer regions of Slovakia refuse democracy.21. Dec 2016, at 12:20

Slovaks? Actually, say foreigners, they’re not so bad

Guide to foreigners' experiences should help newcomers settle.15. Dec 2016, at 15:00

At first blush, Slovaks can appear to be unfriendly.

Slovak Hungarians deal with disappointments

A decreasing number of Hungarians living in Slovakia participate in elections.6. Dec 2016, at 11:01

Most-Híd Chairman Béla Bugár

Activist complaining about arsenic in water is sued

Arsenic in the water in Orava region is 32-times the maximum level.29. Nov 2016, at 14:34

Ján Šimún

Water rates set to rise

Use of water in some regions has decreased to a hygienic minimum.22. Nov 2016, at 12:42

White Crow awards vie against hatred

A refugee, a charity worker, a blogger and a teacher received White Crow awards for civic bravery.18. Nov 2016, at 7:35

The White Crow 2016 awards go to Khadra Abdile, a 24-year-old Somali refugee who was repeatedly attacked for her belief and skin colour together with Emília Trepáčová, a social worker from Slovak Catholic Charity who helps her with integration.

Slovaks won grave digging competitionVideo

The winning grave was dug in 50 minutes.11. Nov 2016, at 6:41

SNS flexing its muscles over public broadcaster

The Slovak Nationalist Party is blocking an increase in fees by the public service, RTVS.2. Nov 2016, at 10:36

Andrej Danko

Investigation indicates corruption in Gorilla case

The resolutions on closing four cases related to the Gorilla scandal reveal that several witnesses changed their minds during the investigation.26. Oct 2016, at 15:11

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