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Supermodel wants to retire to Slovakia
Robber caught in cottage spree
Cop robs petrol station
Cocaine from Brazil
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Banská Bystrica
Supermodel wants to retire to Slovakia

SLOVAK supermodel Adriana Sklena€íková has said that after she retires from the modelling business she would like to live in her home country.
The tall blonde beauty from central Slovakia's Banská Bystrica also said that her husband, French footballer Christian Karambeau, might take a job playing for one of Slovakia's football teams after his international career is over. Karambeau currently plays for Real Madrid football club.
Following a May 29 audience with the mayor of Banská Bystrica, Ján Králik, Sklena€íková told the media that her husband might play for the city's club Dukla.
According to the daily Národná Obroda, the 32-year-old supermodel, who was recently awarded the title Most Beautiful Slovak (see story this page), said that "some first offers are already arriving".
But Dukla football club officials said they knew nothing of an offer coming from their team.
Karol Ihring, executive director of the Dukla football team told the newspaper: "I heard about the audience between [Sklena€íková and Karambeau] and the mayor, but this is the first time I've heard [about the offer]. So far, I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt but I will certainly inform our [club] owner about it."

Dolný Kubín
Robber caught in cottage spree

AN EX-CON who had been robbing cottages in an area near the northern Slovak town of Dolný Kubín was caught "at work" in one summer cottage shortly after being released from jail.
The 27-year-old repeat offender, not named by the police, was released from jail on April 8 after serving a sentence for breaking into 40 cottages. After he was released, a series of similar crimes occurred in the central Slovak region, near Banská Bystrica, Tajov, Donovaly, and Králiky.
About 10 more cottages were robbed in the Liptov region. The offender was finally caught by officers from Dolný Kubín.
"He had chosen one [uninhabited] cottage where he had lived until last Saturday [May 24]. He probably would have stayed there longer had he not been caught by the cottage's owners," Jozef Kozárik chief of the Dolný Kubín police department told Nový čas.
After he left that cottage, he continued on his robbing spree in the Kubínska hoľa area, where he broke into another five cottages.
He decided to stay in one of those, hoping to make it another temporary home. However, a police officer discovered the intruder on May 29 as he was watching a stolen color TV in the cottage and sipping his beer.

Cop robs petrol station

A MAN with underpants over his head who stole Sk3,000 (€73) from a filling station turned out to be a policeman who had a gambling addiction.
The policeman, 29-year-old Peter K. from the western Slovak town of Piešťany, used his father's car to get to the station. However, he failed to note that the station was equipped with industrial cameras, which helped officers investigating the May 26 early-morning robbery to identify their colleague easily.
The news agency SITA reported that Peter K. returned to scene of the crime in the western Slovak town of Trnava several hours after the act, intending to return the bag he used in the robbery.
Peter K. joined the police force in 1994, and worked as a senior inspector with regional police in Piešťany.
The agency reported that the officer resorted to robbery because of family problems and Sk160,000 (€3,900) he recently lost gambling in a casino.

Cocaine from Brazil

CUSTOMS officers in Nitra arrested a man who had an estimated Sk5 million (€119,000) worth of cocaine sent to his home in Slovakia from an unknown supplier in Brazil.
The officers discovered two 206-gram bags of 60 percent cocaine in a thick magazine-sized package that was sent to 47-year-old Anton P. from Topolčany, who currently works in Germany.
Customs police spokeswoman Silvia Balázsiková said the amount would be enough to produce about 12,000 market doses of the drug.
After opening the suspicious package, that also included several Brazilian horoscope magazines, police asked Slovak Post to sent a note to Anton P. to come and pick up his mail.
He came from Germany with his 29-year-old German girlfriend, who has not been named by the police. After picking up the package, the couple took a cab and headed towards the local bus station followed by the police. They were arrested shortly before reaching the station.
Anton P. admitted that he was supposed to take the package to a customer in Germany. He had been promised €2,000 for the delivery.

Fifty beautiful Slovaks

A 10-MEMBER jury composed of modelling experts, fashion designers, and celebrity photographers voted Adriana Sklena€íková the most beautiful Slovak, followed by TV Markíza news anchor Marianna Ďurianová.
Included in the list of the 50 most beautiful Slovaks, was hockey player Miroslav Šatan, captain of Slovakia's national team that won the bronze medal in the most recent hockey world championships, who ranked 10th overall and was placed first among men. Šatan plays for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL.
The second man on the list was another hockey player, Vladimír Országh, who currently plays for the Nashville Predators. On the top 50 list Országh ranked 14th.
The most beautiful female politician, and number 15 on the list, was deputy speaker of the Slovak parliament Zuzana Martináková, a member of the ruling Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ).
Number 29 on the list, and the second-ranking female politician, was the opposition Smer party deputy chairwoman Monika Beňová.
Finance Minister Ivan Mikloš of the SDKÚ party ranked 33rd on the list, winning the title of most beautiful male politician in Slovakia.
His wife Jarmila Miklošová told the Slovak daily Nový čas, the organizer of the competition, that she was used to other females glancing with admiration at her husband.
"I am proud of that," Miklošová said.
Slovakia's top swimmer Martina Moravcová was also among the top 50, at number 16.
Moravcová, nicknamed the "Slovak fish", told the daily that she was proud to be named among the most beautiful people of this central European country.
She said: "I have never experienced anything like this before. I am happy to be among the 50 most beautiful people of Slovakia, and I hope that the jury not only considered the outside beauty [of those selected] but also the person's inner beauty."

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