Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between May 12 and 21, including a run, a Roma-empowerment event, opening of a renovated culture hub, of the tourist season on a forest railway, a language café, and a lot of classical, jazz and other music.

Historical engine at the Orava Forest RailwayHistorical engine at the Orava Forest Railway (Source: TASR)

Western Slovakia


JAZZ: Matúš Jakabčic CZ-SK Big Band – The international band (woods – Miroslav Poprádi-as, cl, Ondřej Štveráček-ts, ss, Martin Uherek-ts and Erik Rothenstein-bar. sax; trumpets and flugelhorns: Ádám Gráf, Ondrej Juraši, Lukáš Oravec; trombones: Branislav Belorid, Jozef Vörös, Michal Motýľ-bas. Tbn; rhythmics: Matúš Jakabčic-guitar, Ľuboš Šrámek-piano, Tomáš Baroš-double bass, Marián Ševčík-drums) will give two concerts in western Slovakia, playing several premieres of new compositions. Starts: May 13, 22:00; Synagogue Senec; May 14, 17:00; B. Bartóka Square 12, Šahy. More info:

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ORGAN: Trnava Musical Spring 2017 – The festival of classical music continues with the recital of baroque music by Italian organist, Christian Tarabbia, on the oldest organ in Trnava, built in 1788 by Valentin Arnold. Starts: May 13, 20:00; St Nicolas Basilica. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Gallery of Music / Galéria hudby – The last concert of this cycle introduces famous pianist Eugen Indjić (USA/FR), the friend and protégé of Arthur Rubinstein, and a Harvard scholarship beneficiary, who palyed Liszt for the MBC TV aged 11 and recorded his first album for RCA Victor aged 12, playing F. Chopin. Starts: May 15, 18:00; Nitrianska galéria, Župné Square 3. Admission: €4-€6. More info: Lucia Vadelová,, 037/6579-641.

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DANCE: Dance Theatre ATak: I Would Like to Fly – The dance theatre (tanečné divadlo) ATak returns to the life story of the first beatified Slovak woman, the nun Zdenka Schelingová, showing it through dance, performed to original music composed by the creative group Poetica Musica. Starts: May 19, 19:00; Divadlo Jána Palárika / Ján Palárik Theatre, Trojičné Square 2. More info:;


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Trnava Musical Spring 2017 (Trnavská Hudobná Jar, THJ) – Spiritual Music in the Basilica – The 49th year of this festival brings six concerts, this time including international ones. The concluding concert of THJ and the opening concert of the renewed International Singers’ Contest of Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský brings the Trnavský komorný orchester (Trnava Chamber Orchestra), and the Mixed Choir (Miešaný spevácky zbor) Tirnavia conducted by Marian Lejava with Mária Taytakova (soprano), Lucia Duchoňová (alto), Matúš Šimko (tenor), and Tomáš Šelc (bass), and Stanislav Šurin (organ). Starts: May 21, 20:00; St Nicolas Basilica, Trnavských Parašutistov 4. Admission: €2-€5, tickets available at the door one hour before the concert. More info:

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Central Slovakia


BENEFIT/CONCERT: Concert for All Those Who Helped with the Synagogue Renovation, featuring a composition containing the Names of “The Immortals” The concert that celebrates the functioning of the New Synagogue in Žilina (although not fully completed yet) will offer a musical composition by Marek Piaček that includes the names of all the contributors, donors and volunteers who helped make this possible over the past six years. The male choir the Octet Singers will perform – all the 3,000 names – as conducted by Jozef Chabroň. Starts: May 12, New Synagogue, J. M. Hurbana 220/11. Admission: voluntary (bookings necessary, due to capacity, at Tel: 0907/137145;


JAZZ: Carpet Cabinet – The tour connected with the Be Good, Stay Strong album brings the progressive Czech multi-genre band from the city of Brno playing both instrumental and sung (by guests) pieces. Starts: May 13, 21:00; Bombura Club, M. R. Štefánika Square 16. Tel: 0905/347 -415;

Banská Bystrica

SPORT: Beh na Urpín / Run to Urpín – The 6th year of the popular run leads from under the SNP Monument downtown to the hill above Banská Bystrica, with four options, the “baby” track – 0.5 kilometres and 0 altitude difference, through to the “for everyone” and “Urpín Mini” to the “Urpín Maxi” which is 10.7 kilometres with 335 metres altitude difference. Starts: May 13, 9:00 (-10:30 registration on the site), 11:00-start; under the SNP Monument. More info:

Liptovský Hrádok

DANCE: Ballet Magnificat – Face 2 Face (Márnotratné putovanie) – The ballet performance of the US troupe – America’s premiere Christian ballet company – brings a spiritual, Mothers’ Day dance message to this town; on Sunday for the public, and the next day for elementary and secondary schools. Starts: May 14, 17:00 House of Culture, J. D. Matejovie 14. Tickets: €7-€9. Tel: 044/5202127;


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Voce Magna – Gala-concert – A special concert by the Slovak Sinfonietta (ŠKO) Žilina as conducted by Štefan Sedlický, with Mária Tomanová (soprano), František Výrostko (reciting), Martin Budinský (cymbalom), Vladimír Homola (cymbalom), Anna Ciganocová (soprano), and Žilinský miešaný zbor / Žilina Mixed Choir Cantica, with Collegium Musicum Martin choir, performing Vojtech Didi - Canzone Aeterna for Soprano, a Recital of Mixed Choir and Orchestra and the premiere of Marek Spusta – Magnificat – Cantata for Soprano, Female Choir, Piano and String Orchestra. Starts: May 14, 18:00; Dolný Val 47. Admission: €5 (no season tickets). More info:,; tickets:

Banská Bystrica

ROMA/EVENT: Džan Pro Bashavel! – Let us Have Fun! – The benefit event is meant to bring together the majority and the Roma minority, as well as support Roma women in their efforts to end abuse, male prevalence and power, and to try to seek equality in work and family relations, defying traditions and cultural stereotypes. The programme offers dance performances (Sovnakune čaja and Loly Ruža), local Roma music (guitar and singing), Phure Daja – “live book” telling stories of Roma culture, Ande Tire Kale Bala – How the Non-Roma Sing, and clarifying how Roma choose a bride. Later, Roma cuisine will be presented, Dancing Queen – the surprise of the evening, and Balkan music. Starts: May 14, 15:00 - 20:00; Záhrada - Centre of Independent Culture (CNK) in SNP Square 16 (Beniczkého Passage). Admission: €8-€10. More info:;

Oravská Lesná

TOURISM: Orava Forest Railway, the unique switchback railway that was used for transporting logged wood, opens on May 14, with an opening ceremony (13:00), a ride on the renovated Gontkulák train (13:40), with accompanying programme including the Jazzgot band, the Ťažká Muzika folk troupe from Terchová, a crafts market, attractions for children and more. Starts: May 14, 13:00; the Tanečník Station at the Orava Forest Railway 3.5 miles from Oravská Lesná. Admission: €4. Tel: 0905/500-646, 043/5524-891;

Banská Bystrica

DANCE/PHYSICAL THEATRE: Debris Company - Wow! – This historical exploration of the human race goes back 70,000 years, showing the environmental and spiritual development of humans, in the spiral of evolution. Director and author of the concept: Jozef Vlk, choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková, rext: Eugen Gindl; translation: Martin Solotruk; video art: Alex Zelina; dramaturgy: Dáša Čiripová; music: Jozef Vlk; design: Ján Ptačin; costumes: Katarína Holková; whisper: Braňo Mosný; cast: Stanislava Vlčeková, Peter Cseri. Starts: May 18, 19:00; Štúdio Tanca theatre (DŠT), Komenského 12 (na Kačici). Admission: €4-€7. Tickets: 0902/672-799;; more info:

Eastern Slovakia


CONCERT: The second anniversary of the renovation of the Tabačka KulturFabfrik brings a concert with two guests, Polish band Hańba (punk-rock) and Slovak Cascabel (folk-punk); as well as disco, a barbecue, competitions, a karaoke show and more. Starts: May 13, 16:00; big hall, Fabricafe, courtyard of the Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: free. More info:


ETHNIC/FOLK: Makovická Struna / The Makovice Strings – The regional gala of Ruthenian-Ukrainian songs unites not just the Ruthenian-Ukrainian minority living in the districts of Spišská Nová Ves, Gelnica and Levoča, but also invites the majority to learn about this culture. Starts: May 14, 14:30; Culture House Nižné Repaše. Admission: free. More info:


MUSICAL: Jesus Christ Superstar – The legendary musical has found its Slovak version, directed by Ján Ďurovčík, casting Slovak actors, musicians and dancers like Patrik Vykočil, Janko Slezák, Ivan Tásler & IMT Smile, Katarína Hasprová, Nela Pocisková, etc. Starts: May 17, 19:00; Aréna Poprad, Uherova 4680. Admission: €25-€35. Tickets: More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: 62nd Košice Musical Spring / Košická Hudobná Jar 2017 – The May concerts of the cycle include the Budapest-based Kodály Quartet (Attila Falvay 1st violin, Ferenc Bangó, 2nd violin, János Fejérvári viola, György Éder – cello) playing the works of Mozart, Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály and Antonín Dvořák. Two days later, The Faustian Temptation offers the biggest work of Franz Liszt, the Faust Symphony – and the overture of Beethoven’s Fidelio and the Concert for Two Pianos and Orchestra, D Minor, by Francis Poulenc, as performed by the State Slovak Philharmonic Košice conducted by Yordan Kamdzhalov, with Eugen Indjić (USA/FR) and Marián Lapšanský (SK) on piano. Four days later, the Cellonet concert introduces the Polish ensemble of 10 cellists, conducted by Andrzej Bauer, playing works of C. G. da Venosa, A. Szczetynski, B. Koziak, and K. Penderecki. Starts: May 16, 19:00 (Kodály Quartet) – Východoslovenské múzeum / Eastern-Slovak Museum, Námestie Maratónu mieru 2; admission: €4-€8. May 18, 19:00 – (Faustian Temptation), House of Arts, Moyzesova 66; admission: €5-€20. May 22, 19:00 (Cellonet), Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2; admission: €3-€7. Tickets: 055/2453-123;, More info:


LANGUAGES/EVENT: Language Café – The language get-together with foreigners. Visitors can enjoy their favourite coffee (or beer) and speak in a foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovak). Starts: May 18, 18:00; Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. More info: or


CONCERT: Phil Rudd & His Band – The European Tour of ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, called Head Job European Tour 2017, includes Slovak cities. After Žilina on May 18, they will also play in Prešov the next day. Rudd will play AC/DC hits, as well as his own solo projects. Starts: May 19, 20:00; PKO Čierny Orol, Hlavná 50. Tickets: Tel: 051/77 237 41-2;

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