Slovaks living abroad meet at conference in Bratislava

On Friday, 80 representatives of various associations and institutions uniting Slovaks living abroad will meet to discuss challenges in boosting national awareness.

FAM Miroslav LajčákFAM Miroslav Lajčák (Source: TASR)

The conference called The Slovak Republic and Slovaks Living Abroad 2018, due to take place in Bratislava on October 26, will bring together over 80 representatives of associations, organisations and institutions of Slovaks living abroad.

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The conference should also be attended by Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák under whose auspices the event is taking place, the TASR newswire wrote.

“This year, the conference is aimed at generational challenges in strengthening national awareness among Slovaks living abroad,” the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad (ÚSZZ) spokesman, Ľudo Pomichal, told the newswire. He also said that 20 individuals will receive USZZ’s commemorative medal at the conference. Those decorated have significantly contributed towards strengthening national awareness, developing compatriot life, supporting Slovak education and the cultural identity of Slovaks living abroad, according to ÚSZZ. A photographic exhibition Slovak World will be held during the conference as well, featuring 109 pictures.

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The conference is organised biennially by ÚSZZ. The organisation believes – as quoted by TASR – that this year will bring a new impetus to communication with Slovaks living abroad. “The goal is joint interest to preserve the ties between expats and their mother land, Slovakia, within the scope of the Slovak Constitution and Slovak legislation, and taking into account the support of the original homeland,” Pomichal summed up.

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