NAKA head leaves due to investigation by the For a Decent Slovakia initiative

New head is not known yet.

Peter HraškoPeter Hraško (Source: Pavel Neubauer/TASR)

The investigation by the organisers of the For a Decent Slovakia gatherings, based on an anonymous complaint, is the reason for the early dismissal of Peter Hraško, head of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA).

Police Corps President Milan Lučanský confirmed this today during a discussion with Radio Expres. The police later informed of the decision on their Facebook profile.

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“He will let me know by the end of the year, where in the police corps he would like to work,” Lučanský told Radio Expres. “But it will be position other than with the National Criminal Agency.”

Disciplinary proceeding not over yet

Hraško will leave his post despite the fact that the disciplinary proceeding initiated by Lučanský concerning the hearings of the For a Decent Slovakia initiative’s representatives is still underway, the Sme daily reported.

The reason for starting the disciplinary proceeding were the inconsistencies between the information Lučanský had received from NAKA’s leadership and reality, as the police corps president explained.

The disciplinary procedure will continue, despite Hraško’s dismissal.

Only temporary replacement

Hraško is currently taking a holiday. After he leaves, the post will be temporarily taken over by his deputy, Patrik Jurík.

Since Lučanský is only a temporary police corps president, the new NAKA head can be appointed only by the newly elected police corps president, Sme reported.

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