FOREIGNERS: What is on in Slovakia this April?

Sleeping Beauty will turn into a guide at a castle, Trnava invites families to the Stroller Run, and Easter traditions play out in Martin. April offers something for everyone, including gardeners, arts lovers, and hip hop fans.

Experiencing Slovakian Easter is a must. Whipping girls, splashing water over them and decorating Easter eggs are the most popular traditions at Easter. Celebrate it at the Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin on April 14.Experiencing Slovakian Easter is a must. Whipping girls, splashing water over them and decorating Easter eggs are the most popular traditions at Easter. Celebrate it at the Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin on April 14. (Source: Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin)

From festivals to experiencing Slovak Easter, there is so much going on in April. Here is an overview of the best events across the country this month. Plan your April ahead so you don't miss out!

1) CONCERT: ULTRAZVUK, April 5, Klub Lúč, Trenčín
2) ART EXHIBITION: No Power, No Art, until April 14, Kunsthalle, Košice
3) MUSIC PROJECT: Nu Sound of Visegrad, April 12, KC Banská Štiavnica & klub SPOJÁR, Banská Štiavnica
4) FAMILY: Stroller Run, April 14, Bernolákov sad II., Trnava
5) CELEBRATION: Easter in the Countryside, April 14, Museum of the Slovak Village, Martin
6) ART EXHIBITION: Zachránené (The Saved), April 16 - September 1, East Slovak Gallery, Košice
7) THEMED CASTLE TOUR: Šípková Ruženka (Sleeping Beauty), April 19 - 22, The castle in Červený Kameň
8) CELEBRATION: Days of Ukraine in Slovakia, April 25 - 30, various venues in Košice
9) EXHIBITION: GARDENIA, April 25 - 28, agrokomplex, Nitra
10) FESTIVAL: ZING FESTIVAL, April 27, Nádvorie & Town Hall Square, Trnava


Two Slovak hip hop artists, Vec and Tono S., decided to join their writing skills to bring fans the best of Slovak hip hop. Hence, they created the ULTRAZVUK project. They reflect on the current state of Slovak society but in their own ways. They dropped an album very recently. Their record includes a summerish track Teleport and a strong testimonial titled Tváre slobody (Faces of Liberty) to commemorate November 17, 1989, a date important to Slovaks and Czechs. To promote the project, both of the hip hop artists are on an ULTRATOUR. DJ Škrupo and rapper Supa also support ULTRAZVUK.

Place: Trenčín (and other Slovak cities)
Venue: Klub Lúč
Date: April 5
Time: 21:00 – 4:00
Admission: €9 (online) or €12 (on the spot)

2) NO POWER NO ART/Creative Playgrounds vol. 3

This international media art exhibition presents the works of young artists and students from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Visitors can find various art forms, from interactive objects to video art and expanded photography. The exhibition aims to show art lovers how new media intertwines with contemporary painting and graphics. Also, it draws attention to animation, concept art and game art. The media art exhibition ends in mid-April, which is soon!

Place: Košice
Venue: Kunsthalle
Date: February 26 - April 14
Time: 11:00 - 18:00
Admission: €1 (on the spot)

3) Nu Sound of Visegrad

The Nu Sound of Visegrad project promotes musicians and bands from the Visegrad Region countries (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland). Artists visited Romania and Serbia in the past. This time, they will be playing in Banská Štiavnica, the Slovak city of culture in 2019. Throughout four concert series in the city, starting this April, music fans can enjoy many genres, including nu jazz, trap, hip hop, post rock, trip hop, dark ambient, alternative, deep house, electronic fusions, indie, sludge, world music and so on. Plus, an after-party at SPOJÁR will follow after the concerts. Banská Štiavnica is the most picturesque city in Slovakia, so consider it time for a road trip!

Line-up for April: Nekola (CZ), Autumnist (SK), XDZVØNX (PL) and DUHAN (SK).

Place: Banská Štiavnica
Venue: culture centre (KC) and club SPOJÁR
Date: April 12
Time: 20:30 - 3:00
Admission: €6 (online)

4) Stroller Run

Strollering is an outdoor sports activity for moms who find pushing a stroller ahead of them boring and would like to stay in shape during their maternity leave. The second year of the Stroller Run takes place in Trnava, which remains the only Slovak town engaged in the competition. There are three categories (moms, dads & families), in which families can participate. They just need a stroller, possibly a baby, and determination to walk 100 steps in the fastest time possible. There are even more activities prepared for families. As well, money collected from a symbolic registration fee helps a different civic organisation each year.

You can find a photo gallery from the previous Trnava Stroller Run, inspired by similar events in the Czech Republic, here.

Place: Trnava
Venue: Bernolákov sad II. ("promenade")
Date: April 14
Time: 15:00
Admission: symbolic registration fee

5) Easter in the Countryside

For those who love customs and traditions, visit the Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin to experience all Easter traditions in one place. Have you heard of burning Morena, a Slavic goddess of winter and death? It is something to watch. Besides, children’s folk groups will sing, visitors can learn more about Easter traditions, including whipping and splashing cold water on girls, and even how to decorate Easter eggs. Mass will also be held in the wooden church. More information here.

Place: Martin
Venue: Museum of the Slovak Village
Date: April 14
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Admission: €4 - adult, €2 - student, pensioner, children over 6

Here is a photo gallery of the 2017 Easter in the Countryside:

6) Zachránené (The Saved)

Art works damaged by the 1985 fire in the East Slovak Gallery (Východoslovenská galéria Košice) have not been exhibited until now. At the exhibition, which opens on April 16, the art gallery will present works restored in the first phase of the restoration project. The set of 23 paintings comprises the oldest and most important works of the gallery: 19th century and Košice modernism. The exhibition also commemorates the fire of 1985, when the gallery depository burned after a gas pipe exploded. The gallery is still dealing with the consequences. Completion of restoration work is scheduled for 2023.

Place: Košice
Venue: East Slovak Gallery
Date: April 16 - September 1
Time: 10:00 - 18:00 (The art gallery is closed on Mondays.)
Admission: €3 - adult, €2 - student, pensioner, children over 6

7) Šípková Ruženka (Sleeping Beauty)

Each of us knows the centuries-old fairy tale about a princess in an enchanted sleep who was woken by a prince, made famous by the The Brothers Grimm in the 19th century. Tchaikovsky was also inspired by the fairy tale when writing his ballet. Now, Sleeping Beauty comes to the Červený Kameň Castle to tour visitors around the castle premises. But who will break the magic spell and wake the princess to guide you? A medieval market full of crafts will also take place.

Place: Červený Kameň
Venue: Červený Kameň Castle
Date: April 19 - 22
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (The castle is closed on Mondays.)
Admission: €8 - adult, €4 - pensioner, children & student

8) Days of Ukraine in Slovakia

The event is a cross-border project supporting relations between Ukraine and Slovakia. For five days, Ukraine will take over Košice. The city will be flooded with Ukrainian folk music, food, art, and workshops. The Slovak-Ukrainian Forum is part of the events, held on April 29 at 9:00 in the Kulturpark (building Alfa), as well. Guests will discuss economic security, smart cities and the situation in Ukraine. Before the celebration officially starts off, you can join the debate on media cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine on April 25 at 14:00 in Kulturpark.

Place: Košice
Venue: Kulturpark (building Alfa), Technical University in Košice, Kunsthalle, culture centre Jazero
Date: April 25 - 30
Time: 17:00 (April 25) - 17:00 (April 30)
Admission: free

One of the regular events is a gala night full of performances by Ukrainian artists:


The 23rd annual international exhibition for gardening, hobby-gardeners, as well as bonsai and flower friends, takes place at the end of April. Visitors can also buy different types of flowers, plants, trees, cactuses, and tools for their gardens and houses. In 2018, more than 300 firms took part in the exhibition and nearly 50,000 people visited the site.

Place: Nitra
Venue: agrokomplex (national exhibition centre)
Date: April 25 - 28
Time: 9:00 (every day) - 18:00 (April 25 - 27) or 16:00 (April 28)
Admission: €4 - full price, €2 - reduced price


During this multi-genre family festival, visitors can enjoy different concerts (Tolstoys, Diego, Nvmeri), workshops, food, discussions, theatre performances and more. Take your friends and come spend the whole day learning more about zero waste, healthy lifestyle, personal development and parenting topics. Moreover, you can have fun taking part in circus and yoga workshops, including with your children. How about swapping clothes? That will be possible, too.

Place: Trnava
Venue: Nádvorie & Town Hall Square
Date: April 27
Time: 8:00 - 22:00
Admission: €18 - adult, €15 - student, €30 - family (2 adults + children under 12)

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