Slovak Telekom will not charge its customers on Friday

It's the firm's way of apologising for the outage from last week.

The Slovak Telekom outage happened on May 10,2019, and lasted most of the day. The Slovak Telekom outage happened on May 10,2019, and lasted most of the day. (Source: TASR)

The Slovak Telekom company will compensate its customers for last week's outage by not charging them for mobile services on May 17.

“We want to stick to our promise,” said Dušan Švalek, Slovak Telekom's general director, as quoted by the SITA newswire. “We will therefore give all our customers, regardless of whether they experienced the outage or not, free calls, texts and data in Slovakia.”

A technical problem removed

The company's customers could not call, text and use their data from 10:35 to 19:00 on May 10 due to the outage.

It was caused by a component that puts calls through and registers customers within the network, SITA wrote.

The company's systems are now running without any problem.

“In the last few days, and especially during the weekend, we put a lot of effort into securing the best functionality possible,” claimed Švalek, as quoted by SITA.

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