Monumental and gorgeous: Roháče, the second largest mountain in Slovakia

Slim rocky mountains cast a shadow upon a valley. Roháče is majestic, awe inspiring, and the source of many legends and stories.

RoháčeRoháče (Source: One2We)

Veni, vidi, vici.

Caesar’s immortal words accompany us on our journey to the mountains as we explore the views, searching for the invisible. Mountains are our teachers. They offer wisdom and force us to stay calm, to enjoy the power of the present, just as Eckhard Tolle wrote. They teach us to overcome challenges, to push the envelope, or to awake our internal angel or devil.

And it happened as we looked at Roháče, the second largest mountain in Slovakia. The name Roháče (in Slovak the word roh means horn) comes from the shape of the two peaks Ostrý Roháč (Sharp Horn) and Plačlivé (Tearful), which together form "the devils horns".

Roháče Mountains

  • Amazing, mystic, romantic.
  • Slim rocky mountains cast a shadow upon a valley. They are majestic, awe inspiring, the source of many legends and stories.
  • They surround six terraced mountain lakes, located in the rocks. The surface of the lakes mirrors the beauty of grandiose Baníkov, the majesty of Ostý Roháč and the strength of Volovec, the prince of the Roháče Mountains.
  • Plačlivé looks sad from afar.

The sorrow of a shepherd’s wife

A shepherd and his family once lived happily in the shadow of the mountains. One day, a very unhappy being in a black dress, named Poludnica, known for visiting happy families and stealing their souls, visited the shepherd’s house and took the shepherd and his sons' souls for herself. The shepherd’s wife was left alone. Each day, the shepherd’s wife wept over the graves of her men and her tears formed the mountain lakes.

After many years of sorrow and loneliness, her heart turned to stone and the mountain Plačlivé (in English Tearful) grew around it. Today, a spring still flows into the mountain lakes, continuing to bring the tears of the heartbroken shepherd´s wife.

Each mountain has its unique story. Each mountain knows human power, strong will, sweat. The climb is always hard, but when you reach the top, the view is amazing.

And even if demons won't let you sleep, never give up.

Because it is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves, said Edmund Hillary, standing on the top of Everest.

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