People usually drive through but it is worth stopping by

Many interesting sights await visitors in Vernárska Tiesňava mountain pass.

(Source: TASR/O.Ondráš)
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At the western end of Slovak Paradise, at the border with the Low Tatras, one of the most massive mountain passes is located: Vernárska tiesňava.

The frequented road between Poprad and Rožňava leads here, many know it from a car-ride but only a few stop by, Spiš Korzár wrote.

Vernárska Tiesňava was dug out by the Vernársky Stream in the western part of Tri Kopce, a massive rocky formation.

Vernárska Tiesňava, with an area of almost 83 hectares of a national natural reservation, is part of the Slovenský Raj National Park.

During the Slovak National Uprising, there were massive battles in this location and there is a memorial here today.

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