Čaputová in UN: Humanity forgot to pay its bills to the planet

Čaputová called for the definition and enforcement of new global rules.

(Source: AP/TASR)

Humanity is currently living through its best times in history, enjoying the benefits of progress, but it has forgotten to pay its bills to the planet, with today’s generation being the first to feel the consequences of this “unscrupulous behavior,” stated Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York on September 23.

The Slovak head of state appeared as the first speaker in the thematic section on the transformation of coal-based energy. The opening speaker on the previous topic on funding climate projects for developing countries was French President Emmanuel Macron.

Before her departure for New York, Čaputová said she would bring to the UN the message from the young people in Slovakia. She referred to the climate strike that took place in Bratislava on September 20.

Slovakia and carbon neutrality

“There’s a need for a rapid and thorough change of policy, another way of doing business, generating energy, transport, investments, biodiversity conservation and dealing with natural resources,” said the president, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “We must change our way of life.”

Čaputová told the summit participants that Slovakia had made a “politically unthinkable” decision of closing its coal mines, implying the need for the economic transformation of part of the country. She pointed out that Slovakia already produces 80 percent of its energy through a low-carbon method and committed itself to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition, it plans to reduce emissions by 45 percent before 2030. The original plan envisaged a 40-percent reduction.

“A few days ago, we decided to earmark an additional €2.5 billion for investments in climate projects up to 2030. We’re contributing internationally to the Green Climate Fund,” said Čaputová, adding that Slovakia supports the European Union’s plan to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent.

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