Police launch criminal prosecution related to Threema

The Judicial Council will question five judges on October 14.

Monika JankovskáMonika Jankovská (Source: SME)

Last August, the police took the phones of the former secretary of the Justice Ministry Monika Jankovská as well as other judges. They have now launched criminal proceedings involving several crimes.

At the same time, a working group, named Hmla (Fog), has been set up to deal with the case related to the seized phones. No particular person has been charged yet, the police reported on their Facebook profile.

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Jankovská, her sister Andrea Haitová, and another three judges will explain the suspicions concerning their collaboration with controversial businessman Marian Kočner, which arose in the past weeks, to the special commission established by the Judicial Council.

The commission wants to hear their versions of why the police took their phones at the end of summer. The hearing is scheduled to take place next Monday, October 14, as reported by the Sme daily.

No obligation to attend

“It will be a non-public session so that the colleagues in question have room to tell the commission everything,” Supreme Court judge Dušan Čimo told Sme. He will sit on the commission of five members, too.

Nevertheless, the commission cannot force the five judges to take part in the hearing. Apart from Jankovská and Haitová, judges Miriam Repáková, Zuzana Maruniaková, and Vladimír Sklenka have been asked to come.

“We believe they will want to clarify the things they deem necessary to explain and clear their names,” Čimo added, as quoted by Sme.

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The commission met for the first time on October 9. Judge Marcela Kosová, who chairs the commission, is Jankovská's colleague from the Regional Court in Bratislava.

A decision by October

Five members of the commission have already turned to the prosecutor's office to provide them with documents related to the case in which criminal prosecution has been initiated due to suspicions that Kočner had influenced judges.

Investigators suspect judges of having taken bribes and abused their powers as public officials.

“This is not just about the judges concerned but about the whole judiciary, because we all know how they are looking at us now,” Kosová said, as quoted by Sme. She added all judges are nowadays perceived corrupt by the public.

A decision on what the Judicial Council will do with the five judges could be made by the end of October.

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