Dancing in the dark under a star-spangled sky: Kozí Chrbát

Discover a popular Slovak winter sport centre, Donovaly, and its surroundings.

Kozí chrbátKozí chrbát (Source: One2We)

Valentová, Rybô, and Prašnica are villages located near heaven. In the deep mountains of central Slovakia, they are located just a few kilometres from the main road. Wooden houses with glass verandas and cattle grazing on the hillside create the “genius loci”, where time stands still.

Prašnica village is uninhabited, situated near the marvellous Chytrô valley, through which an important ancient trade road from the rich mining towns to Poland and Germany led.

And the modern road No. 59 starts in Banská Bystrica, crosses Trstená and continues to Poland as road No. DK7.

It is 111,608 km long.

The Donovaly mountain pass is located on road No. 59.

A popular tourist destination

Donovaly - a famous Slovak winter sports centre with 11km of alpine skiing tracks, 25km of classic skiing routes and 17 lifts.

Donovaly was established in the 17th century and rests between the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra mountains, the Zvolenská kotlina valley and the Kremnické vrchy mountains.

A piece of famous mining history of the neighbouring Špania Dolina clings to it. It is a place with an abundant deposit of copper and silver, where the House of Fugger funded a laboratory of the famous alchemist Paracelsus; a place visited by the prominent French thinker Montesquieu upon the encouragement of Isaac Newton.

And a monumental boulder, opening the road to the miniature mountain villages, had a part in one of the most popular films in the history of Slovak cinema, Vlčie Diery, which is a story from the turbulent times of the Slovak National Uprising.

Under a wishing star

How does a digital detox and watching a star-spangled sky without light smog sound? Welcome to the Velká Fatra Dark-Sky Park, a part of the Velká Fatra National Park, located 1,300m above sea level. You can observe thousands of stars without a telescope here!

Or put on your hiking boots and hike to the highest waterfall of the Low Tatras, the Brankovský waterfall - 55m high. Or tickle your courage and get an adrenaline rush while coquetting the Dve veže ferrata.

Or just go for a walk, dreaming through the forest, smelling the mushrooms, blueberries and raspberries, where the autumn sun is softer and colours the trees, where the last, long forgotten crickets slowly scrape the bow across the fiddle, where the winding road takes you to the ridge and through the Kečka mountain to the Kozí Chrbát mountain to show you the dark side and speak to you with the mouth of the Slavic God Perún, the highest god of the pantheon and the god of the sky, thunder, lightning, storms and rain.

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