New attraction heightens beauty of Lipany

The town's newly-constructed lookout tower is 14.5 metres high and offers magnificent views of its surroundings.

(Source: Courtesy of Lipany town)
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People are enjoying some truly spectacular views of Kamenický castle, Minčol, Lipany and surroundings thanks to a new, almost 15-metre tall attraction

A new place to spend free time

The newly-constructed lookout tower is located at Balážka in the town of Lipany in eastern Slovakia, regional daily Korzár reported.

“I appreciate that it was built. Everything that is connected to nature is perfect, especially for families with children,” Katarína Kačmarská of Lipany said for Korzár. She visited the new attraction with her family.

“It offers a great view of Kamenický castle, the town and surrounding countryside. In my opinion, it could have been a little bit taller, but otherwise, it is perfect.”

The construction of the lookout tower at Balážka was finished at the end of summer. A consecrated cross under the hill marks the tourist route.

Developing tourism

The new lookout tower was built with funds from the Government Office, which gives money to underdeveloped regions, and the town budget.

“It is a new attraction and because the weather is good, many students, tourists and locals are coming to check it,” said the mayor of Lipany Vladimír Jánošík, as quoted by Korzár.

The lookout tower is 14.5 metres high. It offers views to all sides – from the western side to Čierna Hora, Poloma, Bajerovce to Kamenický castle.

Jánošík added that thanks to the tower, there is finally a place where they can spend free time. The lookout tower and surrounding trails should help develop tourism in the region. In the future, visitors can also expect an aquapark and more tourist routes.

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