Disciplinary senate banned Jankovská from judging

Case involving the ex-state secretary also being investigated by police.

Former state secretary Monika JankovskáFormer state secretary Monika Jankovská (Source: TASR)

The disciplinary senate decided that ex-state secretary Monika Jankovská, who is now working at the Bratislava Regional Court, cannot perform in her position as a judge.

The information has been confirmed by Veronika Müller, spokesperson of the Judicial Council’s Office, to the Sme daily.

The senate issued its decision upon a motion submitted by Justice Minister Gábor Gál (Most-Híd). He did so following recent reports on the conversation from the Threema app, which suggests that Jankovská might have tried to arrange things in favour of mobster Marian Kočner. She has refuted such claims.

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The decision will be valid until the disciplinary senate issues a verdict concerning the motion.

At the same time, the case is being investigated by the police, Sme wrote.

A quick proceeding

Gál submitted the motion on October 22. The senate composed of Zuzana Hlistová, Lucia Kurilovská and Peter Paluda met at a closed session the next day, which is not very usual.

The justice minister has welcomed the decision.

“I hope that my further efforts – either disciplinary or legislative – will help purify the judiciary, which needs it urgently,” Gál said, as quoted by Sme.

The senate is expected to decide on the whole case at a public session, after becoming acquainted with the documentation.

Jankovská on sick leave

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Jankovská left her post at the Justice Ministry in early September, after the conversation sent via the Threema app was published. Before that, the police had seized her mobile phone, as it did in the case of other judges and a prosecutor now suspected of trying to settle things in Kočner’s favour.

Although Jankovská returned to her judicial job after leaving the ministry, she has since been on sick leave, Sme reported.​​​​​​

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