Afghan and Pakistani children found in a wagon in Slovakia

A group of 11 unaccompanied minors travelled via three countries.

This centre in Medzilaborce is the only facility in Slovakia where refugee children, travelling without parents, can be placedThis centre in Medzilaborce is the only facility in Slovakia where refugee children, travelling without parents, can be placed (Source: Korzár/Jana Otriová)

The police discovered a dozen Afghan and Pakistani unaccompanied minors in Dunajská Streda (Trnava Region).

“The patrol called to the site found 11 children who had travelled in a wagon,” Police Corps spokesperson Denisa Bárdyová told the TASR newswire.

When a train stopped, minors managed to leave the wagon, she added.

Children travelled through three countries, starting in the city of Subotica, Serbia, and crossing Hungary, in harsh conditions. The police later handed children over to social workers.

Placed in Medzilaborce

“Until it is decided what will happen next, they will be placed in a children’s home for minors,” the police said, as quoted by the Korzár regional daily.

They were sent to a centre for children and families in Medzilaborce (Prešov Region). It is the only facility in the country for unaccompanied minors.

The group of 11 children will have to undergo entry interviews and decide if they will apply for asylum in Slovakia. Not Slovakia, but rather Germany and Italy are final destinations for refugee children, said Vladislav Fejo, head of the centre where minors are placed.

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“We are trying to help them integrate into society,” Fejo added, as quoted by Korzár. “If they do not accept our aid, we are helpless.”

Four other children in the centre

The recent case is not the first of its kind in Slovakia, though. Another four teenagers, two from Vietnam and two from Afghanistan, are also living in the Medzilaborce centre.

“All three boys are asylum seekers, the girl has not decided yet,” Fejo said, as quoted by Korzár.

An Afghan boy has begun attending the first year of secondary school and is likely to stay in Slovakia, he added.

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