Slovaks live in overcrowded flats

This is due mostly to the cost of rent and the size of flats.

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More than one-third of Slovaks lived in overcrowded households in 2017, according to Eurostat statistics data.

This means, for example, that parents sleep in one room with their child or that people who are not related share a room in a rented flat.

However, the situation is improving, the Hospodárske Noviny daily reported. While in 2011, 39.5 percent of Slovaks lived in overcrowded households, in 2017, figure dropped by over 3 percetange points.

“The drop has resulted from the number of loans,” Maroš Ovčarik, analyst with Partners Investments, told Hospodárske Noviny. “People have relatively easy access to money and mortgages, which helps them get new housing, particularly in the case of the young.”

Slovaks take more home loans mostly due to the fact that they are cheaper. In September, the average interest rate on mortgages amounted to 1.22 percent.

Rent and small-sized flats

The situation is worse in Slovakia than in most EU countries, however. The only countries with a higher share of overcrowded countries in 2017 were Bulgaria (41.9 percent), Hungary (40.5 percent), Poland (40.5 percent), and Romania (47 percent).

“Since there is a lack of flats and their prices are high, many people are paying a lot in rent,” said Michal Krížik from RE/MAX real estate company, as quoted by Hospodárske Noviny.

However, many Slovaks prefer small-sized flats.

“Young couples often opt for one-room flats and families with children for three-room flats,” Jana Glasová, analyst with Poštová Banka, told Hospodárske Noviny. “This means that more siblings usually share one bedroom.”

Moreover, a three-room flat is considered a standard for families with children in Slovakia, she added.

The number of overcrowded households is also affected by the fact that young people leave their parents later, often only after they reach 30 years of age, Hospodárske Noviny wrote.

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