First awards for sustainable development

The Pontis Foundation awarded organisations, institutions and individuals for their approach to sustainable development goals.

(Source: Courtesy of Pontis Foundation)

They are active in environmental protection, help disadvantaged people and provide education. For the very first time, organisations, institutions and individuals received awards for their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as defined by the United Nations.

The awards were granted by the Pontis Foundation on November 13.

“We thought these topics should be given a bigger space,” said Michal Kišša, CEO of the Pontis Foundation, as quoted in a press release. “We believe that if we show examples of initiatives from the state, private and civic sectors, we’ll motivate others to take a chance in favour of sustainability, fairness, and responsibility towards our surroundings and the planet.”

The laureates received a prize that was made from a bio-plastic material based on maize starch that is compostable and thus eco-friendly. It was designed by the crafting plastics! creative studio.

Who are the laureates?

  • The Office of the Government’s Proxy for the Development of Civil Society
    • Category: Public sector
    • The Office of the Government’s Proxy for the Development of Civil Society works as a mediator and a contact point between non-governmental organisations and governmental and public administration bodies. It secures quality and complex sources of information about the development of civil society and the need for public involvement.
  • Food Bank of Slovakia
    • Category: Non-governmental organisation
    • The Food Bank of Slovakia collects free food from various donors, stores it and then distributes it to humanitarian and charitable organisations that pass it on to people in need. It works on a volunteer basis and helps about 97,000 people a year. At the same time, it reduces food waste.
    • Category: Media campaign
      The ('acceptable' in English) campaign was kicked off by a video that invited the public to visit a fictitious website to prepare a CV in a form that would be acceptable to employers. Created by Róbert Slovík (Goodeas), Barbora Mistríková (Divé Maky), Yolka Udicová (Respect APP), and Silvia Kušnírová (SKRP Strategies), it highlighted the problem of discrimination against Roma job applicants in a provocative way.
  • Ivana Maleš, Petra Csefalvayová and Katarína Bednáriková, INCIEN
    • Category: Leader
    • Thanks to the people at the Institute for Circular Economy (INCIEN), people became more aware of what the circular economy is. Maleš and her colleagues put it into practice in cooperation with companies, municipalities and public administration bodies. They also connect various subjects at different levels with the aim of achieving waste management.
  • Tatiana Sedláková
    • Category: Leader under 30
      Sedláková is a co-founder of the Zrejme civic association that tries to change the status of seniors and the perception of ageing in society and support inter-generational dialogue. She wants to support social services for seniors that are based on inter-generational relations.

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