What does Kendrick Lamar share with Schöne Náci?

Learn 10 unusual facts about Bratislava in this week’s podcast.

People may come across the statue of Schöne Náci near the Main Square in BratislavaPeople may come across the statue of Schöne Náci near the Main Square in Bratislava (Source: TASR)

Spectacular Slovakia will take you on a podcast tour around Bratislava in our latest episode.

Andrej Kvas, Ján Bahýľ, and Filip Eduard Anton von Lenard are just a few Slovaks who spent their life in Bratislava. Many people do not know who they are, even though one won a Nobel Prize.

Anna and Peter will also give you a tour of Old Bridge, the oldest cinema, and tell you about a children's pool that once existed in one of Bratislava's squares.

If you want to know what a famous US rapper has in common with Schöne Náci, a Bratislava icon, do not miss out on this week’s Spectacular Slovakia episode.

Listen to the latest episode:

Source: Po stopách dávnej Bratislavy by V. Tomčík (book)

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