Which car brands do Slovaks buy the most?

Nearly 9,500 new passenger vehicles registered in October.

Škoda carŠkoda car(Source: SME)

The bestselling car brand in Slovakia is Škoda. Its share on the market in October 2019 exceeded 23 percent, as the Slovak Automotive Industry Association (ZAP) informed in a press release.

The second bestselling brand is Volkswagen with more than 10-percent share, followed by Hyundai with more than 9 percent.

“We’ve recorded altogether 9,436 registrations of new passenger cars, which represents an increase of 16.91 percent compared to last year,” ZAP said, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The number of truck registrations falls

The number of new registrations of commercial vehicles amounted to 940 in October, up by 11.11 percent year-on-year.

As for car brands, the list is topped by Fiat with a more than 26-percent share. Citroën came in second with nearly 16 percent and then Peugeot with nearly 14 percent.

The list of newly registered trucks weighing less than 12 tonnes is led by Iveco Mercedes-Benz Man with a 24-percent share of new registrations. DAF placed second with 20 percent.

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The registrations in this category represented only 25 new vehicles, a drop by 13.79 percent compared with October 2018.

In the category of trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes, the list is topped by Mercedes-Benz with a 24.5-percent share, followed by Scania with 16.5 percent and Man with 16 percent.

ZAP registered a drop in this category, too. Only 200 new vehicles were registered in October, representing a decline by 51.46 percent, SITA reported.

At the same time, the number of new registrations of buses fell as well. This represented only 35 new buses in October, down by nearly 48 percent y-o-y. The list of brands is led by Iveco Bus with a more than 74-percent share, followed by Sor with more than 17 percent.

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