Inhabitants of Slovakia see the euro as a good thing

The support for the euro is highest since it was introduced in 2002.

Slovaks have been using the euro currency, which celebrated the 20th anniversary this year, since 2009  Slovaks have been using the euro currency, which celebrated the 20th anniversary this year, since 2009 (Source: TASR)

The common European currency, the euro, enjoys higher popularity among Slovaks than the euro area average.

A total of 76 percent of Europeans think the euro is a good thing for the European Union, a recent Eurobarometer survey shows. The figure is higher, at 81 percent, for Slovakia. In general, this is the highest support for the euro since the introduction of euro coins and banknotes in 2002.

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“I am glad to see this record-high support for our single currency on my last days in office as President of the European Commission,” Jean-Claude Juncker said, as quoted in the press release. He went on to say that the euro has been the fight of a lifetime and it is one of Europe's best assets for the future.

Slovakia has been using the euro currency, which celebrated the 20th anniversary this year, since 2009.

Less useful for Slovakia

The euro currency is used by 340 million Europeans in 19 member states of the EU.

Although the inhabitants of Slovakia embrace the euro when it comes to its advantage to the EU, their support for the euro in the context of Slovakia is smaller, at 68 percent. Still more than the euro area average, at 65 percent.

“The euro is one of the biggest European success stories, and it has brought tangible benefits to European citizens, businesses and governments alike,” said Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, as quoted in the press release.

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The survey shows that 69 percent of Europeans believe there is more to be done regarding coordination in the euro area.

People in Slovakia hold a different opinion: only 48 percent of them said so. Yet, one third of them did not know how to respond to this question.

Scrap one and two euro cents

Thanks to the euro, up to 28 percent of Slovaks identify themselves as Europeans. The majority of Slovaks, at 70 percent, think the euro made running a business easier in other EU countries as well.

Most Slovaks, at 78 percent, think the euro makes it easier to compare consumer prices in other countries in the Union. Fewer than a half said travelling abroad is now more affordable.

In addition, up to 74 percent of Slovaks surveyed said that one and two euro cent coins should be withdrawn from circulation. Their support in this matter is higher than the euro area average, at 65 percent.

17,500 respondents across 19 euro area countries were surveyed by phone between October 14 and 19, 2019.

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