No bodyguards or presidential salary. Kiska may lose benefits if elected to parliament

All the benefits will return to presidents when they leave the political position.

Andrej KiskaAndrej Kiska (Source: TASR)

Former presidents who will be elected MPs after leaving their office will temporarily lose all the benefits they currently enjoy.

This stems from an amendment adopted by the parliament in response to the fact that ex-president Andrej Kiska established his own party Za Ľudí and is currently running in the upcoming 2020 general election, the TASR newswire reported.

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The measure applies to other public functions, such as cabinet member, Constitutional Court judge, Judicial Council chair, chair of the Supreme Audit Office and general prosecutor post.

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Currently, former presidents are entitled to receive a salary and have bodyguards even after leaving their office.

These benefits will be stripped once they are elected for the abovementioned posts. However, after they leave the functions, the benefits will be restored, the law stipulates.

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