Bratislava is getting its first municipal orchard

The orchard in Petržalka will be officially opened next spring.

The first community orchard in Bratislava is growing in Petržalka. The first community orchard in Bratislava is growing in Petržalka. (Source: Courtesy of Bratislava City Council )

The first municipal orchard in Bratislava will be located in the Petržalka borough. In early December Bratislava city council prepared the plot and started planting the trees. The orchard, located between Macharova and Panónska Cesta Streets close to the SNP Bridge, will feature plums, cherries, sour cherries, apricots, nuts, hazelnuts and berries.

“The aim is to create a new community space with the added value of planting fruit trees in the city,” Bratislava city council writes in its press release.

The orchard will be divided into five zones, each of which will have a specific composition of fruit trees and bushes. In total, there will be more than 75 species of fruit trees and tens of species of fruit bushes and many herbs. There will also be elements to increase biodiversity as well as places for relaxation, education and tasting.

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Next year the city will install lighting, benches and information tables, nesting boxes, compost bins, insect houses, herb beds and build paths.

The city council is planning the official opening of the orchard for March or April 2020 depending on the weather.

The project is financially supported by the company Visam Invest, which will also secure the regular maintenance of the orchard. The company Ovocnýstrom is an expert guarantor of the project.

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