One in five women in Slovakia experienced physical abuse from a partner

NGO highlights women's rights on Human Rights Day.

A woman walks among dozens of red painted shoes placed on the ground as a part of an installation against violence against women in Brussels.A woman walks among dozens of red painted shoes placed on the ground as a part of an installation against violence against women in Brussels.(Source: AP/TASR)

Human Rights Day also reminds that violence committed against women is one of the most serious and most frequent human rights violation.

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One in five women in Slovakia have experienced physical abuse from a partner or husband, one in two women has experienced some form of psychological violence from a partner, one in three women have been stalked by a partner in a physical or online space and one in 12 women have experienced sexual violence by partners. These are the results of the biggest European-wide research on violence on women by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

Women keep dying as a result of violence. Slovak media published stories from October 2016 to November 2019 of 17 Slovak women murdered by a partner or husband. There were also stories of attempted murders by a partner, the Fenestra NGO advocating women's rights noted.

Doubted violence

Even though there is more news about violence against women in Slovakia and there are more places that help in the last years, the support and protection of women often depends on who they meet, said Dušana Karlovská, director of NGO Fenestra that deals with cases of violence against women.

“Women still tell us about how their experience with violence is doubted and not taken seriously,” Karlovská said, as quoted by the press release.

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Protection and support of women experiencing violence is non-systematic and the experience of many women shows that it is not enough. The political level of effective protection for women is often only a statement. The country has not taken real commitment to end violence against women.

“We believe that Slovakia will one day accept the commitment to effectively fight violence against women and become responsible for its real and consistent observance,” she added, as quoted by the press release.

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