Slovak Christmas Carol: Dolná Krupá a Katarínka

From an interesting manor house in Dolná Krupá village to majestic ruins of a monastery.

Manor house in Dolná KrupáManor house in Dolná Krupá (Source: One2We)

A calm and poetic and slow evening before Christmas. The star-spangled sky. A full-moon. Frost on the windows. And the warm colours of a fire playfully reflecting of the walls.

In the Dolná Krupá manor house sits a young musician in front of the piano. He plays. Passionately and fascinatingly. Two ladies are listening to the tones of his music. And watching him with adoring eyes. Thérèse and Joséphine. Countesses von Brunsvick. The Brunswicks belong to an old and noble Hungarian family.

And the young musician is Ludwig van Beethoven.

Joséphine. His “immortal beloved”. Thérèse. His muse to whom he composed the Moonlight Sonata.

More than 6,000 roses

There is an interesting manor house in Dolná Krupá village. First built in the Baroque style, according to the Habsburg royal house court architect Johann Baptist Martinelli, later often rebuilt and modified until it was completely classicistic. The manor house is the most beautiful example of rural classicistic architecture in Slovakia. At its time, a place very well known all around Europe. This amazing art collection, library, minerals collection and its beautiful English park!

And these roses! “The rose countess” Maria Henrieta Chotek with her rosarium with more than 6,000 roses made the manor house famous in the 19th century.

Majestic ruins

Only a bit from Dolná Krupá, in the shadows of the trees stands, an abandoned monastery, built in the early baroque style with late gothic elements. The Italian architect Pietro Spazzo probably took part in this interesting creation. Its name is Katarínka, “Little Catherine”.



Once a part of St Catherine’s Monastery dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria. The majestic ruins enchant with charm, dignity and mystic atmosphere. Standing among the massive walls you can feel the spirit of old times. You can think of the hidden secrets reminiscent of the Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. Or maybe the Beethoven’s words would echoing around you: “Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.”

Or maybe in the silent of the late December evening you will find yourself in the gloomy Victorian England. And the melodies of a Christmas Carol will ring above you.

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