Coronavirus in Slovakia: Police to fine people for non-essential Easter travels

A new curfew-like measure is in place from April 8 until April 13.

People in Slovakia are asked to not travel between regions during Easter, from April 8 to April 13, unless it is essential. People in Slovakia are asked to not travel between regions during Easter, from April 8 to April 13, unless it is essential. (Source: FB Polícia Slovenskej republiky)

Disobeying the Easter-time limits on movement will cost people dearly.

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The Slovak government decided to step up lock-down measures during the Easter holidays and restrict people’s travels to the district in which they reside. The new restrictions come into place at 00:00 on April 8 and will be lifted at 23:59 on April 13.

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High fines will apply

The police stressed they are prepared to fine people. It will be, however, up to the police patrol to decide what step they will take towards people breaching this new measure or previously introduced measures.

If the latest measure is breached, a person may be fined up to €1,659. If people do not wear a protective mask, they may be fined €1,000.

Patrolling will be in place not only by the roads but also in other public spaces in order to seek out people visiting other districts despite the short-term ban.

Slovakia comprises 79 districts. In regards to Bratislava and Košice, people are asked not to leave Slovakia’s two largest cities. People could otherwise face a fine, the police said on Facebook.

Exceptions apply

In addition, people have been encouraged not to gather in public spaces, even if they practice social distancing and meet in the household with people other than their relatives during this period.

The government and experts have presented seven cases in which the measure will not be applied:

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When it comes to trips into nature, people should avoid places with a high concentration of visitors, practice social distancing and wear masks.

Moreover, the police said that their services, including the issuance of passports, will not be provided on April 8 and 9. Branches of the Foreigners’ Police and other offices falling under the Interior Ministry will remain closed on these two days too.

Soldiers will be deployed

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To keep the new measure in place, a total of 1,500 soldiers will help police patrols for six days, starting on April 8.

If one has to travel from one district to another, the police will check them.

If they drive through several districts, people could get checked multiple times.

Police patrols will control highways and roads of the first and second class. The police, therefore, recommend drivers and passengers to have their IDs or passports ready.

Lorry drivers will be allowed to drive through districts without any restrictions.

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