Town of Ružomberok issues passport for tourists

Discover all the interesting places in the vicinity of Ružomberok.

(Source: Courtesy of Ružomberok municipality)

Visitors of the town of Ružomberok in northern Slovakia may discover historic, natural and culture localities via a touristic passport. However, the Žilina region offers many more interesting places. Discover them with our travel guide.

Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. Find out more about region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

A touristic passport is a novelty similar to a regular passport. It was introduced by the local municipality. There are seven empty boxes that tourists may fill with stamps. They gain the stamps to visit chosen touristic spots in the town and its surroundings in July and August.

“For anyone who collects at least five stamps, there is a small gift prepared to remind them of the Ružomberok experience,” said Viktor Mydlo, spokesperson of the town.

Where to get a stamp?

The holder of the passport will get to know the pretty nature, learn something from the history of the town and do some sports, said town mayor, Igor Čombor.

“Our town has enough treasures we can offer to the young and old,” he said. “We made a list of interesting places for families and children, everyone should know.”

Stamps can be obtained after visiting the Mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka, the Ľudovít Fulla gallery, Likava Castle, the UNESCO house in Vlkolínec, Hrabovská Valley, Čutkovská Valley and Cyklokorytnička.

The touristic passport is free of charge. From July 1, it will be possible to pick it up in the Ružomberok Information Centre or in the UNESCO house in Vlkolínec.

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