Slovaks are interested in Fairtrade products

More people in Africa, Asia or Latin America can be supported when people purchase products with the Fairtrade brand.

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Customers in Slovakia are interested in purchasing Fairtrade products.

Cocoa was sold the most in 2019, while the sale of coffee increased almost by half compared with the previous year. Fairtrade cotton and sugar noted the most significant increase in 2019.

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The collective of farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America gained more than €324,000 on Fairtrade products purchased by people in Slovakia last year, up by about two-thirds compared with 2018, the Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia non-governmental organisation reported.

“Growing sales mean larger support for the growers of such goods in Africa, Asia and Latin America,” said Hana Malíková, director of Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The money may be used for projects like the building of wells, schools and health-care facilities, transport infrastructure, investments to more effective agriculture and other, she added.

Cotton marked top increase

About 310 tonnes of Fairtrade coffee was sold in Slovakia in 2019, 43 percent more than in 2018. More than 29 million cups of espresso could be prepared from this amount.

The consumption of Fairtrade cocoa increased by 58 percent, with about 1,019 tonnes being sold, mainly in the form of chocolate and sweets.

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Fairtrade cotton noted the largest increase, 264 percent in Slovakia. Also the sale of Fairtrade tea and sugar was successful.

Fairtrade certificate marks products that fulfil social, economic and environmental standards set by the international organisation Fairtrade International. It is information for customers, that growers received just and stable price for their goods that cover costs for sustainable growth.

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