Speleologists discovered kilometres of new corridors in Domica Cave

One day, speleotherapy will take place here.

(Source: TASR)

Domica Cave near Rožňava measures 8,127 metres in length, according to the newest findings of speleologists. The whole cave system Domica-Baradla exceeds 30 kilometres.

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Domica was mapped with a scanner, thanks to which it was possible to spot all the details from the tiny dripstones to the connection of the cave with the surface.

“8,127 metres in length is not a record, but when we discovered that Baradla is 22 kilometres long on the Hungarian side, we counted it, and the international cave exceeded 30 kilometres, which is an interesting number,” said speleologist Zdenko Hochmuth, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

In the past, the length of Domica was often listed as 5.5 kilometres; however, the newest number is not necessarily final. On both the Hungarian and Slovak sides, it is possible to discover other spaces.

“We have high hopes that we will succeed in connecting one cave that is about 400 metres long and only four metres away from Domica,” Hochmuth noted, as quoted by TASR.

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Speleotherapy in Domica

One of the current plans is to use Domica and Hungarian Baradla for speleotherapy. Manager of the project Ľudovít Gaál noted that it will probably be delayed on the Slovak side because of the accommodation capacities.

He added that the research needed to launch speleotherapy is almost over and besides Domica and Baradla, it also took place in another Hungarian cave Béke.

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“There were two testing sessions at the Hungarian side, which were very successful,” Gaál said, as quoted by TASR. “The doctor who managed it was very satisfied, and she said that the results are incomparably better than in the hospital.”

The research had been ongoing in Domica since 1993. However, the therapy should take place at the visitors’ circuit, which hasn't happened yet.

The current project placed therapy in an individual room that is outside of the visitors’ circuit, in a side space of the cave.

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