Slovak expert proposed as part of the team investigating the death of Slovak citizen in Belgium

President Zuzana Čaputová condemns all forms of police brutality towards any citizen of any country.

President Zuzana ČaputováPresident Zuzana Čaputová (Source: TASR)

It is disturbing that the death of Slovak citizen Jozef Chovanec in Belgium back in February 2018 has not been investigated properly since then, said President Zuzana Čaputová on September 10.

She expressed her sympathy towards Chovanec’s family and condemned all forms of police brutality towards any citizen of any country.

“I became interested in the case right after the recording was made public and I learnt about it,” she told the media. “Although our representative bodies in Belgium have been active in the case since the very beginning, it is disturbing that the case has not been properly investigated in such a long time.”

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Slovak expert involved in the investigation

Therefore, Čaputová suggested to Chovanec’s family that a Slovak expert should join the Belgian investigation team.

“I am convinced that this step may help increase the trustworthiness in the investigation in the eyes of the Slovak and Belgian public,” Čaputová noted. “I will ask the Belgian side to consider this request by the bereaved.”

Cabinet acknowledges declaration

The cabinet meanwhile at its September 9 session acknowledged the declaration on Chovanec’s death adopted by the parliament.

With the document, MPs are asking the Slovak government to gain information from the Belgian investigation and present it to the parliament.

The declaration also wants the government to use all diplomatic means to call on the Belgian government in order to bring the police officers involved in the incident to justice.

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