Roundup: Idiot, Korean Culture Month and a heart of stone

Gardens and parks in Slovakia will welcome visitors this weekend.

The newly reconstructed southern fortification at Trenčín Castle.The newly reconstructed southern fortification at Trenčín Castle. (Source: Facebook/Trenčiansky hrad)

At the beginning of this week, October 5, the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra filled its seats with paper and plastic "spectators", which watched the Testosterone production.

The action of the institution is a reaction to recent epidemical measures that reduced the number of people at mass events to 50, including actors and other staff. Therefore, a maximum of 30 to 45 spectators can currently watch performances in the Nitra theatre. Photo: TASR.


Wooden church miniatures exhibited in Ulič

The village of Ulič, one of the most eastern communities in the country, conceals a free-of-charge park of miniatures of wooden churches. Replicas portray, for instance, the churches in Ruský Potok and Uličské Krivé.

Can you find a heart of stone at Trenčín Castle?

Visitors to Trenčín Castle can explore the newly reconstructed southern fortification of the medieval construction, once owned by Matúš Čák Trenčiansky. The castle now conceals the heart of stone as well.

Check out a new counterweight trebuchet, a type of catapult, at Trenčín Castle below:

‘Thousands of stars flickered above us’

Matt Reynolds once asked his Slovak friend to take him hiking to the Malá Fatra mountains. With no sleeping bag and mat but pens, books and a laptop, worn-out Reynolds discovered hills around Strečno and the Veľký Kriváň peak over the weekend.

More information about travelling in Slovakia
Please see our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

Spectacular Slovakia: UK Ambassador Nigel Baker

In 1993, Slovakia became a new home to Nigel Baker, UK’s then deputy head of mission, for a few years.

Since those times, the country’s capital has evolved, and Baker travelled the world. Nevertheless, he is now back in Bratislava, serving as British ambassador.

Listen to the podcast to learn what Baker recollects from the good old times in Slovakia’s capital, and what he has always loved about the city.

Culture in short

  • ARCHITECTURE: The 2020 winners of CE ZA AR, the prestigious Slovak architectural competition, have been announced. Check out the photos.
  • TRADITION: A so-called whipping school was held in the village of Čičmany over the past weekend. The annual event aims to preserve the old tradition of the shepherd’s whip.
  • MARKETS: The Christmas markets on Main Square and Františkánske Square in Bratislava have been scrapped. The Old Town borough that holds the markets on Hviezdoslavovo Square has not come to a decision yet.
  • FERRATA: Plenty of injuries with regard to the most difficult ferrata, Skalka in Kremnica, were reported by the Mountain Rescue Service. Hence, new rules will be drafted. Climbers may face a fine if they do not follow the rules.

Going-to events

  • The international festival of animated films for children and youth, Biennial of Animation, runs until October 10 online. You can watch some of the films here.
  • The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Slovakia organises the Korean Culture Month festival from October 1. The event takes place in the online space. The virtual festival will end on November 20.
  • The festival Nitra Music Autumn kicked off on October 8 with a performance of the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. The event will run a series of concerts until October 25. Each concert will start at 18:00 in the Synagogue.
  • The Otherness Film Festival, screening films about LGBTI people, will return to Bratislava and Košice cinemas between October 14 and 19. Because of COVID-19, some films will then be screened online as well, from October 20 to 25.

Weekend reads

Dozens of parks and gardens to open up this weekend

As many as 60 parks and gardens will reveal their secrets, under strict anti-COVID-19 measures, between October 9 and 11 across the country. In Bratislava, it will be possible to visit 13 venues, including the Albrecht House on Kapitulská Street.

Thousands of artists put at risk of bankruptcy in Slovakia

With a second coronavirus wave, creative industries have been hit hard again. Yet, Slovakia’s government has been unable to find the best way to help people working in Slovak culture since the coronavirus outbreak. The 'First Aid' scheme will come late and will help a small group of people only.

Before you go, check out the 'Idiot' trailer below:

The Slovak animated film Idiot, created by the screenwriter and director Dušan Davidov and the animator Martin Kolčak, is doing well at international festivals. The film has won awards at 19 film festivals around the globe.

“We did it originally as a comedy, then as a grotesque, and a psychological drama came out of it in the end. But we got the award for the best horror in America,” Davidov told the TASR newswire.

The story follows an insignificant official whose benevolence is abused by others and who is always willing to help even at the cost of misunderstanding. Altruism and its perception as a weakness is the main topic.

As the name suggests, its title was inspired by one of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s literary works.

The production of the 19-minute-long Idiot (2018) took four years. The film is to be made available online next year.

That is all for this week. Have a lovely weekend!

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