Arrested SIS head lays bare yet more weaknesses of the Matovič government

The prime minister must not take suspicions lightly if he wants his government to survive.

Vladimír PčolinskýVladimír Pčolinský (Source: TASR)

The arrest of secret service director Vladimír Pčolinský on corruption charges is not an ordinary police scandal. It hints at a tragic error in judgement when positions power positions were assigned.

Those who pointed out the risk of secret services being controlled by a party led by a man whose CV features ineffaceable underworld ties may not have been irrational or hysterical.

It is true that Ivan Lexa set the benchmark terribly low, but he once worked for the Mečiar regime that we want to believe we put behind us.

The detained SIS head puts the Sme Rodina party that nominated him in a sensitive position, and it will be interesting to watch the party's priorities change in the negotiations of the current coalition crisis.

How will the Special Prosecutor's Office, now led by the friend and former political collaborator of the SIS head, Daniel Lipšic, approach the investigation of Vladimír Pčolinský?

At the political level this is obviously an unprecedented scandal that may have international consequences, but at the level of criminal prosecution, any suspicions must first be proven.

At the same time, the case lays bare yet more weaknesses of the current ruling coalition. If Igor Matovič wants to maintain his image of a determined fighter against corruption, and if he wants his coalition to survive, he must not take the detention of an SIS boss less than one year into his term lightly.


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