Activists want more 30 km/h zones in Bratislava

Vehicles do not keep to the speed limit. Activists registered a car driving at a speed of 92 km/h in the city centre.

Environmental activists call for traffic slow down in Bratislava.Environmental activists call for traffic slow down in Bratislava. (Source: SITA)

Environmental activists are calling for more traffic calming measures in Bratislava. They believe that the security of people in the centre can be increased by zones with a maximum permitted speed of 30 kilometres per hour. The activists claim that Bratislava has been suffering from a high mortality rate among pedestrians, polluted air and the increasing number of cars on roads. The traffic situation in Bratislava and Slovakia over the long-term is the worst in the European Union.

“Most streets in Bratislava are suitable for the creation of 30km/h zones utilising traffic calming elements, as we see in other cities where traffic and city life work a lot better,” said Kristína Griačová from the civic association Cyklokoalícia devoted to bicycle transport, as cited by the SITA newswire. “Using such measures could lead to an improvement of security for all residents in a relatively short period of time.”

The organisations Greenpeace Slovensko, Znepokojené Matky (Concerned Mothers) and the Cyklokoalícia delivered a report on sustainable mobility in Bratislava, pointing out the absence of any long-term vision of mobility, to Bratislava deputy mayor Lenka Antalová Plavúchová on Thursday.

On the same day, the activists measured speeds at the Vajanského Nábrežie embankment with the aim of alerting the city’s management to the need for 30km/h zones. In places suitable for reduction to this speed limit, motor vehicles often violate the prescribed speed. This was confirmed by their monitoring, during which they registered a vehicle in the centre driving at a speed of 92 km/h.

The maximum speed limit in the municipalities in Slovakia is 50 km/h. Bratislava already features some 30km/h zones. One is in the city centre and others are in some housing estates in the boroughs of Petržalka and Karlova Ves.

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