To impact the world, it is enough to love your roses. Sometimes

A new book teaches people that difficult circumstances are not an obstacle to becoming super.

The "Super Slovaks" book recounts the story of Slovakia through the bios of some of the greatest Slovaks.
The "Super Slovaks" book recounts the story of Slovakia through the bios of some of the greatest Slovaks. (Source: Ezopo.sk)

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The man who built the first skyscraper in Asia came from Slovakia, and he is not the only Slovak who changed the world and his home country.

The new book Super Slovaks, written by Zuzana Palovic, David Keys and Gabriela Beregházyová, tells the story of Slovakia through the profiles of 50 different Slovak personalities for anyone interested in the country.

“This book is about empowerment,” Palovic says in the podcast. “We need to start seeing ourselves as internationally impactful.”

Listen to the podcast about the book, Palovic’s favourite profiles, and why Slovakia is not an isolated island.

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