Forest and the trees: Konské hlavy

Visit a mountain in the Small Carpathians with the amazing views.

Konské hlavyKonské hlavy (Source: VaGa)

There is a mountain in the Small Carpathians.

Neither high, nor low.

Though, all Small Carpathian peaks have this shape.

A hike to this 653 m high mountain, with its amazing views, starts in Cajla, the historical part of Pezinok. It is a place where old mills, the Fabián and Schaubmar, were located. The latter is the oldest water mill in Slovakia. The marked hiking path continues to the Tri Kamenné Kopce crossing.

And what is the name of this peak?

Konské hlavy mountain (“Horse heads”).

Several local jokers placed four plastic horse heads here.



But they are really here.

Conjuring smiles. On everybody’s face. Even yours.

The power of forests

And they always attract attention.

As our energy and enthusiasm attract the attention of those around us.

Enchanted by our self-confidence and faith in our work.

Wanting, perhaps, just a small piece of our power for themselves.

It is the power of the forest which attract us all year round.

In the spring, when we want to pick bear garlic and admire the white snowdrops.

In the summer, when we want let our eyes and thoughts hover over the green rounded hills of the Small Carpathians.

In the autumn, when we walk in the fallen leaves of cinnamon and mead colors. And in the winter, when we sense this bitter air on our faces making our cheeks red.

It is this energy which draws us in regardless of the weather.

When the sun is shining and shadows play a game under our feet.

When it is raining, and a gentle mist shrouds the world.

When a fog rests on our shoulders.

The forest always finds a way to us.

And we find a way to it.

The forest reflects our sorrows.

And multiples our joy and happiness.

A meeting point at Pezinská Baba

Tri Kamenné Kopce is an important crossing of the Small Carpathian hiking paths.

Here we joined the red marked hiking path, a part of the famous Štefánikova magistrála, the

120 km long distance trail. Bringing us to Pezinská Baba.

Pezinská Baba or Baba is a pass through the main ridge of the Small Carpathians. It is located between the Čmeľok and Konské hlavy mountains.

Here all keen tourists, cyclists, and even bikers meet.

And in the winter, classic and alpine skiers.

From here we turned back via the blue marked hiking path.

We passed Žilová mountain, where we took the yellow marked hiking path.

18 km. 7 hours.

The need of balance

And what did we see?

The tall and slender Small Carpathian beeches. Their energy can harmonise relationships. It gives us detached view, and tolerance. And helps us find our mission.

We passed majestic oaks, which empower our decisions. And support us in difficult situations.

We took a break under some pines. For the Celts, pines were the mother of wisdom.

We stood under all these trees. And sensed their bravery, cleverness, and harmony.

And as we looked back, we saw Konské hlavy mountain again.

Its absurdity, and extravagance made us cheerful.

Because our lives need balance.

Seriousness, and playfulness.

It is this beautiful Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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