Stranger in a room: Klokoč

The mountain is different from the other Small Carpathians.

KlokočKlokoč (Source: VaGa)

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

An extraordinary guy said.

His name was Forest Gump.

He even run across the entire United States for no particular reason.

He was different.

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He was not of this world.

And so is Klokoč mountain.

Different from the other Small Carpathians.

Enjoy the sleepy atmosphere

Its summit is a meadowy plateau reminiscent of a steppe with scattered dwarfed trees and bushes. It looks like the forgotten parts of the Kysuce or Orava regions.

But here also the black volcanic stones lounge. You can lounge here too, and enjoy the sleepy atmosphere, which is especially enhanced in the spring and summer by the smell of the flowers.

And these flowers!

Here you will find the golden-rod, which healed the respiratory problems already in the Antiquity.

And what about the views? Gorgeous!

From here you can admire the twins, Geldek and Jelenec mountains.

The summit of Jelenec mountain is a carst felled area with several bizarre trees. Such a plateau is unusual for the Small Carpathians.

The marked hiking path to Klokoč will pass the monumental and mystic Plavecký Hrad castle, with its story, a Slovak remake of the Trojan war, involving the kidnapping of a beautiful woman and the epic struggle to free her.

You will continue under Pohanská, the sight of the largest ancient Celtic settlement in Slovakia. And thought Báborská mountain, which will test your endurance and form. Then you will cross the Ámon meadow located in the Ámon valley, named after Huncokár, Gáži Ámon.

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Here you will explore diverse carst bored holes, where salamanders hide and bats nest.

Until you finally reach the summit of Klokoč.

A step into new life

And further on the top of Vápenná mountain, the third highest mountain of the Small Carpathians.

Its massif is full of carst formations, rocky towers, and also an underground carst area with breaches and caves.

The red and green marked hiking paths lead thought the ridge of Vápenná mountain. Sometimes the beaten path vanishes in the dense beaches, sometimes you will climb over rocks.

As you find yourself on the top of Klokoč, you will see a cross with the nails.

These nails are the sorrows of people who have come before.

And if you catch the breeze atop this windy mountain, you will better be able to withstand the hurricanes of life.

And you will leave there all your suffering and problems.

You will find new joy.

Maybe you will beat a new path.

To the hill.

In the forest.

And you will step into your new life.

You will be different.


A stranger in a room.

And you will realize, you needed to go through many moments to arrive where you are.

Everything that happened was only to bring you to the right place.

Maybe to Klokoč.

To this mountain, which looks like a stranger.

And with something in its eyes it invites us, until something in our hearts tells us, we must go there.

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