Slovakia provides temporary protection to Ukrainians. What does it mean?

Temporary protection will be provided until the end of 2022 for now.

Refugees from Ukraine on the Vyšné Nemecké border crossing.Refugees from Ukraine on the Vyšné Nemecké border crossing. (Source: TASR)

On March 1 Slovakia started providing temporary protection to people from Ukraine fleeing the war.

It is described as the easiest way of protecting refugees, not requiring long administrative procedures and enabling Ukrainian citizens quick and unlimited access to the labour market and health care, their children access to education, the Interior Ministry announced.

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For now, temporary protection will be provided until March 4, 2023, but this period can either be prolonged or shortened, based on the situation.

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Read more about the current developments concerning war in Ukraine.

Important information concerning temporary protection:

  • the applications of people who prove their identity and state citizenship will be evaluated in an expedited procedure. Identity can be proven by presenting:
    • a driving licence plus birth certificate;
    • valid or invalid passport;
    • ID card;
    • any other personal document with a picture of its holder plus birth certificate;
  • people with temporary protection will be entitled to basic health care (just as in the case of asylum seekers);
  • in case refugees from Ukraine are accommodated in asylum facilities run by the Interior Ministry, they will receive food, hygiene products and pocket money (just as in the case of asylum seekers).
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Who can ask for temporary protection:

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  • state citizens of Ukraine and their family members:
    • spouses;
    • the underage child of a state citizen of Ukraine or underage child of their spouse;
    • parents of an underage child who is a state citizen of Ukraine;
  • people who are not Ukrainian citizens, if they had asylum, international protection or permanent residence in Ukraine, and had to flee the war.
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Who cannot ask for temporary protection:

  • Ukrainians who have temporary or permanent residence in Slovakia;
  • asylum seekers;
  • people who were already granted asylum or subsidiary protection.

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