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Cambridge International School: Preparing your child for today's rapidly changing world.

Cambridge International School

Cambridge International School is well established international school located in central Bratislava in modern facilities.
Our curriculum is based upon internationally recognised gold standard educational programmes from the University of Cambridge, adjusted appropriately for our multi-national student body and central European location. Although English is our primary medium of communication, we are neither a British nor a Slovak school as such, but a truly international school, paying great attention to our specific community and context. One aspect of this, is that our fully qualified, certified and highly experienced CIS teachers and staff come from a variety of nations and backgrounds in order to support our diverse student body and to offer them a truly global perspective.

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As a parent, you will witness your child’s growth and development as they graduate from our Kindergarten schools through Primary and Secondary to adulthood. Our goal is to ensure that every young person can be proud of themselves as they begin the journey of adult life, act as an ethical and responsible role model for others, and understand the part that the School and its staff have played in developing them as the resilient, tolerant, multilingual, passionate, dedicated and skilled members of society that they have become over many years of education within the CIS family.

Joining CIS will allow your child to access the following opportunities:

  • 100% acceptance rate by top universities all over the world.
  • A tailored approach to every student supported by assistant teachers and additional specialists for English and individual learning needs.
  • An innovative Project Based Learning approach engaging with real world issues and development of knowledge, skills, and character.
  • Highly trained, international academic staff.
  • A welcoming and supportive environment with a unique blend of culture, promoting advanced English.
  • An exceptional location, with modern facilities for Science, Arts and Sports and diverse learning.
  • All day meal provision, textbooks and local trips included in school fees, along with supervised campus access from 7:30am-5:00pm.

For further information about enrolment and available places at our school contact us via enquiry form, or or give us a call on +421 907 150 643.

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