Meadows turn purple in central Slovakia's mountain saddle

These meadows are strewn with saffron.

The meadows in the Zbojská saddle in the Brezno district are strewn with saffron.The meadows in the Zbojská saddle in the Brezno district are strewn with saffron. (Source: Marcela Ballová)

The meadows in the Zbojská saddle, stretching between Gemer and Horehronie regions, are strewn with saffron.

Purple and white flowers are among the first heralds of spring. Many times they "peek out" from under the melting snow cover, the My Novohrad website writes.

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Also this year, a tower reminiscent of the mill from the Slovak fairytale, Perinbaba, added to the beauty of the meadows around the farm.

Many cannot resist and head up the hill to the lookout tower to capture the spring beauty with their camera. Travelling up to the tower is worth it. The view of the snowy Low Tatras is equally renowned.

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However, it should be remembered that Carpathian saffron is protected by law. According to the decree of the Interior Ministry, the social value of one flower is calculated at €9.95.

If you decide to go to Zbojská, believe that there are many more interesting things worth seeing than just the aforementioned lookout tower.

Secured path through Devil's Valley

One is the Educational Trail of Jakub Surovec with a secured path through the Čertova dolina (Devil's Valley) gorge.

"It leads through the Furmanec Stream, equipped with belaying fixed ropes and iron risers in four sections. In the past, it was passable only for more skilled visitors, as driftwood deposits often made it impossible to pass through," reads the information board right next to the main road. From there you can turn off to the Salaš Zbojská restaurant or walk up the hill to the wooden viewpoint and the massive statue of the bandit Jakub Surovec.

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The reconstruction of the gorge path took place in 2020. The operator of the secured route is the Slovak Paradise National Park Administration.

It is not recommended for children under 5 years of age to set out on a trip to the gorge.

Movement is possible individually or alongside guide with expertise. If you are interested in a guide, you must report to Salaš Zbojská.

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